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ADHD woman dx age 57.

Prescribed 20 mg methylphenidate three times daily. How do I determine if this is correct dosage?
My PCP tested me 5 years ago but until I started going to counseling I hadn't taken it seriously, after seeing a counselor last year, she ASKED me if I'd ever been tested for ADHD and I was shocked but it became obvious when I started researching. It's very overwhelming at times but I'm past the denial stage and currently learning how to cope. I've had two major depressions since age 30 and take duloxetine 60 mg daily for chronic depression.
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I just downloaded the chart suggested of all ADHD meds, helpful but not specific enough. Thanks.
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Anxiety and depression are two major co-disorders of ADHD or ADD.  And it is beginning to look like those people who have undiagnosed AD/HD are much more prone to either anxiety or depression or both.

You may find out that once you get the proper medication treatment and understanding of how AD/HD can affect you, your depression will get better.

But to answer your question.  Doctors start off low and go slow waiting for patient response.  Problem is many times they don't really let the patient know what to expect.  I have some links that will be very helpful.

Length of duration (once you understand what it should feel like) is a very good sign of either under or over medication.  Methylphenidate has a maximum duration of 4 hours.  If it is working for you only 2 hours, its not enough.  If it is working for you 6 hours, its too much.

Problem is you might need a stronger medication (Adderall type), in which case you may not feel much of a response to the methylphenidate.  Which always struck me as interesting because, a person without AD/HD would really react to that dose.

Do take a high protein breakfast.  It really helps!   Do not take any orange juice or citric acid product before taking the medication.

In terms of what to look for these links will be helpful.  Please post if you have any questions.

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