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What are some of the symptoms of ADHD? how can ADHD be detected in a child?
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   If you click on the link at the top of the page you will find lots of good information.
   I have also found lots of great information here.  -  http://www.supreme.state.az.us/casa/prepare/adhd.html
   Hope this helps.
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You are exactly right. ADHD diagnosis concerns itself with those behaviors that a behavioral rater has deemed "inappropriate" within the social context that such behaviors are so observed, either in the formal or informal sense. In a couselor or doctors office, one is asked questions that are rather pointed in their social ramifications, usually with impulse control and organization.
Moreover, the relaxing of the diagnostic criteria for AD(H)D, and concomitantly, that of diagnostic creep, have resulted in a 4000 per cent increase in those children (adults?) diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, since the mid-1970s! In essence, children are more likely to be diagnosed in school. Adults, especially those individuals who were labeled in childhood, usually seek out a diagnosis when confronted with those cares and concerns of a "grown-up world". The latter is consistent with a form of psychiatric (moral) absolution of one's perceived failure, at some level, to flourish in one's environment.
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they move very fast and 'different' from afther kids, u would know if u got one.  alot of people r in denial that there kids are different so they r left untreated, witch leads to high school drop outs, crime and genrally a unrully and unhealthy life for the child
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