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I believe I am an ADHD. I think these are the symptoms that can prove that:
Can't stop cheating on test
Won't do homework
Mood swings
Talk really loud and get really excited easily
Cannot sleep
Pretty intelligent, but can't do good in school
Can focus on a task
Can't have interest in something for more than a day.
Easily frustrated (especially while doing homework)
Take out the anger on myself by punching, clawing, scratching,
Is this normal?
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This could be anything,  Walter.  I can't tell what age you are by your profile or what your history is.  

This could be anything from depression,  or other mental health issues.

I will say this.

YES you can stop cheating on tests,  and YES you can do your  homework.  The other things in your list aren't under your control as much,  but the first two are.  If you were offered $500 to not cheat on a test or to do well on your homework each time,  and if you didn't do it you'd be thrown into a cold basement prison,  you would do it.  It's COMPLETELY under your control,  but at this point you just don't care enough to do it.  I think you need to realize your unwillingness to do your homework and stop cheating on tests isn't involuntary the way spasms are,  or lack of ability is.  You aren't motivated by what they are currently offering to motivate you.

You can grab the reins or not,  Walter.  

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    Gotta partially disagree with Rockrose on this.  Yes, you can stop cheating on tests.  You are doing so because you probably still care enough about your grades to do so.  People who have given up, don't bother.
    Doing your homework is a whole different matter.  Yes, you can do it.  But if you have ADHD its gonna take you double or triple the time of someone who does not have it.  After a while - you say screw it.  Which then leads to cheating on tests cause you don't have the info.  I would also add that my best indicator for a child that had AD/HD was frustration.  You do seem to have that.
    Your other symptoms do seem to fit.  If you do have it, I am surprised that it wasn't picked up in elementary school if you are in the US.  Of course, if you are pretty intelligent, you could have gotten by for years without notice if you weren't too hyper.  I also know that some cultures have a pretty strong bias against psychological problems, and attempt to cover up these problems with discipline instead of help.
    Anyway, Rockrose is right - its time to grab the reins.  You need more information.  Try this site for a lot of really good info.
     If after reading this, you still think you may have either ADD or ADHD, I would think the next step is to talk to your school counselor.  If you are under 18, they can then talk with your parents.  If you are over 18, then permission is not needed.  You might also want to buy the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley, and after you read it - give it to your parents.  If I can answer any more questions - please feel free to post.
he next step kind of depends on your age.  If you are under
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Hey I have ADD and I know the frustration that you must be feeling. You should talk to someone, meds help but only if you're willing to sacrifice personality. They really make you calm. I had them for a long time (11yrs) but recently went off them because I forgot who I was without them. I heard behavior therapy helps drastically.
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