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I have ADHD but my fiance does not I am pregnant what are the chances that it will pass on to my child?
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        As far as I know, there has never been a statistical answer to that question - like the chances are 50/50.  Yes, there is a strong heredity link.  But many families can have one child with ADHD and one or more children without it.    So essentially I think the answer is your child may or may not get ADHD.  
       The good news is that you know that you have it.  So you can watch for the signs and be ready to help your child if necessary.   There is so much that can be done for a child now (even without meds),  that the future is much brighter for kids.
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I have adhd and bipolar disorder,
I have 3 children, one of children has developed adhd and one has developed bipolar disorder.
What information I have found and what advice I managed to get from my doctors is limited . Sandman2 has given you some great advice if I could just add that there are many people who have adhd and bipolar genes in there DNA but it doesn't progress into either illness. Because there is a strong hereditary link a person may be predisposed to getting adhd or bipolar, it's a factor but not a guaranteed outcome. ( I hope I understood it correctly)  
I'll never know if my children were just unlucky but having both illnesses myself has hopefully given me the best chance of supporting them as they grow.
My husband doesn't have either illness.
Please try not to worry continuously, getting information  is always a good idea but please try to enjoy your pregnancy too. Whatever the outcome. It sounds to me like you're going to be a great mum. Feel free to message me if you ever want a chat and good luck.
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Thank y'all! I know to well how hard it is to deal with ADHD and would give anything for my child not to have it! But at least I do know the signs and can get help fast:) thanx again!!
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    Best wishes to you!!
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I don't have ADHD but my brother did. I do have OCD. I have one child with ADHD ODD ADD & possible mood disorder. My suggestion is not to worry about it now.
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