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My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 3. He was hyper active and extremely good at escaping the house. He was  not learning or learning and then forgetting what was learned. He has a lot of fine motor issues and at 91/2 still cannot tie his shoes. We took him to his regular pediatrician and to a physiologist who prescribed ADHD meds. He has has had adverse reactions to three and now hates to leave the house or engage on anything new. The social anxiety is far worse than ever. He would be fine sitting in front of the xbox for 15 hours a day if we allow. I am really frustrated because cant fix anything for him or make It better. I have started researching again and I keep coming with with Aspergers. How closely are they linked? Who can distinguish the difference?
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Please check for thyriod  on him and keep check of pulse when on adhd meds.  Does he get real tired and can't wake up easy.  My daughter had the same problems and turned out thyriod and balance and fine motor bad when small- floppy when baby and still having hard time with balance.  Hand writting is bad.  If there is Thyriod problem in family keep checking because they wouldn't give her a test for it until I called my other doctor and than they found out.  Write down every thing you see about him that doesn't seem right.  My husband had Picks disease and for 5 years know one believed me until I was fed up and really pressed the matter.  The Neuroigist/sp after reading and doing some simple test figured it out .  Paper work was important.  Or even tape him when he is doing his work.  My daughter would take up to 3-4 hours and could do 3 problems I kept pulling her back to the books/ 5th grade age 10 and kept telling the doctors something was wrong hyper one min and next crawing uder cloth rack at store or wanting to sleep  but could play video games by the hours.  She has a habit of doing the same mistakes over and over.  Med for Add also kept her from eating/picky but she only weighed 58-62 lbs 3-5 grades after we got her off that medicines and on thyriod meds she has gain up to 92 lbs and can now get her school work done .  Her large motor skill is still unbalanced and won't ride a bike she can't stiffen up to sit straight.  Hope this help
keep trying and you need to find the right doctor.  She has seen up to five and none detected the thyriod disorder.

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He does have fine motor as far as handwriting and he still cannot tie his shoes. He is awake and not sleepy during the day. I just wonder if it's something else going along with the adhd or something else all together. It's so hard to watch you kid go through all of this as you know. I actually made an appointment with a developmental pediatrician and I an hoping that it will get us on the right track. I was reading about the thyroid and will definitely have it checked.
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Consult  specialist for better result & good condition for your lovely son. Below information may be helpful to u.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, is one of the most common mental disorders that develop in children. Children with ADHD have impaired functioning in multiple settings, including home, school, and in relationships with peers. If untreated, the disorder can have long-term adverse effects into adolescence and adulthood.

Asperger's Disorder is a milder variant of Autistic Disorder.   Both Asperger's Disorder and Autistic Disorder are in fact subgroups of a larger diagnostic category.  This larger category is called either Autistic Spectrum Disorders, mostly in European countries, or Pervasive Developmental Disorders ("PDD"), in the United States.  In Asperger's Disorder, affected individuals are characterized by social isolation and eccentric behavior in childhood. There are impairments in two-sided social interaction and non-verbal communication. Though grammatical, their speech may sound peculiar due to abnormalities of inflection and a repetitive pattern. Clumsiness may be prominent both in their articulation and gross motor behavior.

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I have heard of ADHD symptoms, I heard that it is much more easier to have fights if you have ADHD also ADHD kids act mostly, hyper, either violent(Not all), Overreacting over mainly little things. Sometimes they wonder in there own world. Having Aspergers can be different in many ways, Aspergers is when your child is having emotional problems maybe even getting embarrassed, shy, difficult education maybe even speech problems. ADHD and Aspergers can mainly be different things but can look or act the same way.    
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I was a child with adhd and also  a person that understands the depths of what your descring. O belive what your describing as weak to mild asperger syndrome please take a look on google. Good luck. Dale
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