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Hello everybody, I do have few questions, maybe you can give me few pointers and tips :).

So, when I was child, I was hyper active, atleast that's what mom told me, I have yet to ask her if I actually had that validation from doctors or was it her own observation.

I suspect that there might be something different from me than usual people.
A) I usually don't have any problems with grasping new math subjects for ex, in fact I seem to grasp everything alot easier than others, however I still get bad grades(well, not bad, but rather I get B's instead of A's).. it's all because of me making so silly mistakes, and if I control my work, I cant notice them, this has been happening for like 3 years if not more. I also seem to do alot of stuff with my methods not what teacher shows.

B) I have hard time to understand everybody, for example, if somebody asks me something, i dont get anything.. it's not that bad but im sure I know the answer but I just dont get the question, eg it doesn't make any sense to me, my brain can't make right connections.

The same thing is happening when I listen/watch movies in not native language, such as English, I can understand few things but If I get lost in somewhere middle of the conversation/sentence, I cant understand the next words,
the only way my brain seems to understand songs is that I understand the very first words and then I hear second one and my brain makes some assumptions about that word and somehow manages to understand the word.. if this even makes sense.

I dont seem to have such problems with when Im reading, though few things really do get me 'buzzed' for hours

C) The same thing what is happening with songs/movies, If I dont follow everything from zero, Im not gonna understand anything teacher says, the only rule is that I've previously learned everything, then everything makes sense he says.

I dont think this is my 'imagination', I see other students ask teacher's a question but I just cant follow some questions at ALL, unless they are simple & short, but on the other hand, teacher's do understand.

Is that because teacher knows his subject really well, is that why he is able to understand the question? I doubt it.
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  Hey Chris, you are certainly describing some of the symptoms of AD/HD - probably more ADD.  
   One sure symptom for me was to examine a kids test and look for stupid mistakes.  Kid would do really well, and then start to self destruct on simple questions later in the test.  They just couldn't focus - and they wanted to.  In the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley (you might want to buy it), she basically says on p. 10-11 that a person with AD/HD who enjoys what they are doing can do it for hours.  However, if the person does not like the task, they don't have the mental ability (because of AD/HD) to stay on task.  I have had AD/HD kids in the classroom absolutely riveted to a discussion (usually on some weird thing I mentioned), and within 5 minutes on a test were completely distracted.  The best example is probably video games.  An ADHD child can play them to the point of exhaustion.  
   Its probably worth your time to explore this situation a bit more.  Beside the book I mentioned, you might want to check out this adult ADD site.  Lots of info here  -
    Hope this helps.  Best wishes.

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