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Adapting to Kindergarten

I do not know what going on with my 5 1/2 year old. He just started school Aug 11, 2008 . He want sit down at his desk. He is always disruption the class. The teacherhe disruption  everywhere he goes. His teacher have to hold his hand everywhere he goes. Still all the teachers said, he can get his lesson that he real smart. Today I got a call to come pick him up,becuse he hit another student and hit the teacher,because he did not want her to hold his hand. We do not have know hitting at my our house I do not know where he get the hitting from. My husband and made a  appointment with his doctor to see what going on with him. To see do he have ADD something going on. I know he was born a Pemmie when he was born, maybe thathave  something to do with. He still act like a babby sometime. He do the babby talk sometime. Than sometimes he talk like a big boy. We have whip him, took things from him. Anyway one out know what this sound like is it ADD or some other problem.
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My 5 1/2 year old started kindergarten 3 days ago, and I have had 2 phone calls from the principal. He was diagnosed with ADHD, but i think the diagnoses was wrong. He cries alot/whines when he doesnt get his way. He gets sad alot too. Talking about death, and angels, and growing up. He has anger problems, hitting, throwing things, kicking people....He  has broke windows, and a television already. The stabbed his younger brother in the head with a butter knife, and ofen shoves him over, or kicks him.

Colt screams alot, almost like he is trying to over-noise us lol. It's aggitating, and frustrating. I don't have the patience for his behavior, and we, as his parents can't handle his behavior, how can we expect his teachers too!?I don't know what to do, and there is no help available. I have called children services, explaining that we are incapable of contolling his behavior at home, and school. The only thing they can offer is parenting classes.

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I don't think this sounds like ADD/ADHD. Maybe the doctor's appointment will give you some answers. Maybe it's an anger issue.

I am a teacher. I am not a doctor, but I would agree that maybe ADHD is not the right diagnosis. I believe something else is going on here. If you can't get help from children's services, don't give up. Try other resources. Have you considered another doctor's opinion. If he is being treated for ADHD and does not have it, it will do him no good. I would get another doctor's opinion so proper treatment can begin. This sounds pretty serious if he has gone to school three days and you've been called twice for broken windows and a broken TV. It is also serious that he is doing things to his younger brother. PLEASE seek additional help. No one deserves to live like this especially the child. His younger brother definately doesn't deserve to be harmed.


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You have said in your post you do not have Hitting in your house then further on you say you have whipped him, It sounds to me as if there is some Parent/child interaction problem, children sometimes resort back to Baby talk after a new Baby has arrived and they are feeling left out and Jealous,I feel there is more going on in this childs life, maybe a talk to your Doctor and ask for some councelling for you and him.It reads as if he is frustrated and is acting out.
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