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Adderall and hypertension

I just got recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD and started the treatment process. My doctor put me on adderall XR Oral (but on the bottle it says amphetamine salts). I know that there is usually a feeling out process when it comes to ADHD and the various treatments. However, I have hypertension and in my research, I've noticed that this is not recommended for people with hypertension. I started taking it on Saturday and noticed that my blood pressure, (that I was being treated for with atenlol and lisinopril) shot up to about 160/100 on average. This has me obviously concerned. I've noticed the difference in my overall behavior and concentration but the spike in blood pressure makes me nervous.

So my questions are this:
1. (and I think I know the answer to this) should I really be concerned yet?
2. Are there recommended treatments for people with ADHD and hypertension?
3. What medications should I look into with my physician?
4. Could increaseing my dosage on my blood pressure medication maybe reduce the effect of the adderall?
5. Is there any blood pressure medication that could help?

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What sort of doctor would give speed to someone with high-blood pressure? I would change my doctor and be careful to go to someone who is a specalist in your perceived problem.
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I am a psychiatrist with adhd and have had my blood pressure shoot up with stimulants. It just gradually crept up and eventually got up to 170/110. The benefit i get from the stimulants would make it worth me taking blood pressure pills to counteract this. I have started ramipril and if this not enough i will add on amlodopine and both these dont interact with stimulants.

You have to ask yourself, is it worth increasing your blood pressure medication to continue with the benefits of the stimulants.
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Adderall is excellent for treating ADHD but unfortunately is a stimulant that increases your heart rate.  Blood pressure medications would be helpful.
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