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Adderall compared to caffeine/nicotine

I know no one here is really qualified to answer this, but how would you think a low dose (10mg) of adderalls stimulating effects, compare to drinking energy drinks, and using nicotine several times a day (I chew, about 3 times per day). I am on a low dose of adderall, 5mg twice per day, it should probably be more but it has a positive effect and im comfortable with it right now. I don't like the idea of taking an "amphetamine" and asked my doctor if its safer then consuming heavy caffeinated drinks, and chewing, since the days I don't take adderall I use them more, and when I take the adderall, I don't seem to use caffeine or nicotine nearly as much. Her answer was definately the adderall was the safer alternative (obviously because of the tabacco) but she wouldn't really say how caffeine compares. I also suffer from depression, and I'm not currently takin an AD but the adderall seems to have a more positive effect on days I'm feeling really down. I'm 24 and am a recovering alcoholic, I know all about dependence, withdrawal, and the hellish nightmare it all is, I had the worst of it. I don't ever want to go through it again. But I have major problems with waking up in the morning, and thinking clear through out the day. I was diagnosed add younger but never took meds since I managed to do well in school. Any opinions here would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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I agree with your doctor.  My brother is a recovering alcoholic who "abuses" caffeine because of the high it gives him.  I firmly believe he is and has always been ADD, but it wasn't diagnosed back then.  Caffeine has other side effects if used in excess.  It gives you a high, but gives you a big down once it has run through your system.  It can also cause ulcers.  The good thing about adderall is it is a time released drug, keeping you feeling balanced all day.  Good luck and God Bless.
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I used to take ephedra before it was banned and it worked wonders for my ADHD. But after the ban I had to go to regular meds. I take Adderal and it works great for me, but now coffee no longer puts me to sleep so I find myself drinking a lot more to bounce off the walls.
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Actually Adderal abuse is as bad as caffeine(if not worse), I know people down here that use Adderal as an alternative to Methamphetamine (actually Adderal is more common than Meth down here as a street drug). They both are bad if abused, but a big cup of instant coffee in the morning does wonders for me throughout the whole day (and I don't feel the need to go over that) and helps me feel better in the morning. Also some good old Mary Jane (just a few puffs.. don't overdo unless you're before bed and want to get some quality sleep) will improve mood and concentration and I think that it's the best alternative (plus all the side effects are opposite to Ritalin, you get better sleep, you'll eat better and a chiller mood)... Nicotine will mess you up after long term usage, withdrawal symptoms are 10 times the normal (I've tried quiting 5-6 times and never managed to quit for more than 2-3 weeks)
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Hi  did your Doctor tell you that Adderall is just like speed and does she know you have
depression and that you are a recovering alcoholic.  If she does then she is not a very good Doctor.

Adderall has very bad side effects ,one of them is stress,anxiety and Depression .And that people can become addicted to them.Also can cause Seizures, some people have had stokes and sudden death, along with heart frailer.And some have ended up having Seizures,my son has Seizures after he was on Adderall 5mg a day .And Cocerta is the same my son was on that to.Wish I had never put him on anything.But Vitamins witch he is taken now and seem's to be helping him calm down so he can learn.

And all the drugs they use can cause bad side effects. To stay away from them is the bast and safes way to go.

Try taken Vitamin B6 .Vitamin B12 and Omega 3-6-9   these can help you by taken them once a day ,and don't have all the bad side effects.

You can also ask your Doctor to do some blood work on  you and she should have already ,And if you stay on any drug you should have your blood levels checked every 6months .  Also you can have her send you to see a Neurologist to make sure you really have ADD ,they should do a EEG and may even do a MRI and run some blood work them self's.
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I was diagnosed with ADD when I was young (now 41 and it’s ADHD). I thought I outgrew it at 13 (which happened to be the same time I started smoking) now every time I try to quit smoking my ADHD symptoms return like I’m 8 years old all over. I did some research and it turns out that nicotine is effective at treating ADHD. Coincidentally, my 9 year old was just put on Adderall. I tried one of his and it was the first time in 3 months since I quit smoking that I didn’t want a cigarette. I feel like there is finally a path to staying quit for good. I’m sure there are a lot of people who will abuse anything but your good doctor will get to understand you. Just because you have a history of alcohol abuse doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take an FDA tested medication with physician supervised dosage.
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