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Adderall induced penis shrinkage permanent?

I have been taking 20 mg amphetamine, generic adderall, periodically for the last few months. When I take it, I get very noticeable shrinkage. I am a 30 year old man, but only saw add adhd under the childhood categories. Is this a permanent/long term side effect, or does it change once the medicine is out of your system, my mind might be playing tricks on me at this point, and it's difficult for me to tell.
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The adderall is essentially out of your system 4 hours after taking it - unless you are on an extended version.  Either way, its out of your system by the end of the day.  That is why you have to retake it the next day.

Penis size goes up and down during the day and as far as I know, adderall is not a factor in its shrinkage or growth.  If anything, I would think it would increase blood flow.  So I really tend to doubt that the adderall is a cause of the problem...if it really is a problem.  Hope this helps.
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