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Adderall prescription - new regulations Dr./Patient interaction?

My psychiatrist informed me last week that new federal laws require him to see me every month to get my Adderall prescription refilled. Previously, I would see him every three months and simply pick up my prescription from his office on off months. The cost associated with this is significant on an annualized basis ($75X4 = $300 vs new program $75X12=$900). I am 35 years old and have been taking Adderall for 6 years (though I relocated, have only been using this Dr. for the past several months). I excercise regularly, no health problems, blood tests annually with no issues.

Is there indeed a new federal law requiring MDs to have appointment with the patient each time they write the prescription - or is my psychiatrist misrepresented this (in which case - more than the cost, I have a trust issue and need to find a new doc)?

I've looked on ASA web page, various other resources - can't find anything citing new regulation requiring Dr./patient face-to-face for each individual prescription. FYI, in the event state laws play a factor and he misspoke regarding federal vs. state jurisdiction, I live in Missouri.  

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I found the information on my first hit on the internet. It is a class II controlled substance and prescriptions are only good for one month. Google "Adderall: A Controlled Substance."

Adderall is speed, and as such is heavily misused. They are probably cracking down more on the doctors, more than they are on you.
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I guess I didn't articulate my situation very well - since i have been taking the medication, it's always been the case that a new prescription needs to be written every month. To be clear, I've always gone to pick up the prescription, every month, at my Dr's office. The difference now is he tells me new federal regulations require that we have a monthly session as well (as opposed to every three months which had previously been the case).

So when you google: 'Adderall new federal regulation 2010 OR 2009 requirements' -
no evidence of new regulations. Also, given the current healthcare landscape, this type of new regulation would be more than a "drop in the bucket" loss to pharrma companies such as Novartis and Shire - and thus notable news. Additionally, American Psychology Association does not show anything akin to this in recent news or archives.

All signs seem to show he is lying - if he had told me that it was a personal requirement for him - different story. A misrepresentation is a breech of trust, if that is the case, I need to move on.

I do appreciate your taking the time to respond...I think my next step is to call my insurance company, ultimately they are the ones paying for the bulk of the cost -hopefully they will be able to guide me.
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Why don't you ask another doctor if the monthly visits are required? Also he may want to see you monthly for some reason he has not told you about. Or, he might, as you suggest, like the extra money. Have you told him you cannot afford the extra visits?
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I get Adderall prescriptions from my family physician, and as you said, I have always had to pick up the script in person each month--it cannot be faxed, called in, etc.  No problem--I understand it is a commonly abused drug.  A few months ago, the receptionist started making me sign for the script each month.  Again, no problem--I don't mind signing for it.  Last month when I went to pick up the script, I was told by an office employee that I need to give a urine sample to get it.  I was taken aback and asked if this was going to be a monthly requirement.  The employee assured me that it would be required only periodically--every 3 or 6 months.  This month I called in my prescription and when my husband went to pick it up for me, he was told that I had to give a urine sample every 3 months to get it and I was due to give one this month.  I called the doctor's office to ask about this and was told that the urine sample could be requested at any time--not every 3 or 6 months as I was previously told.  I asked the receptionist if this requirement was from the physician or from the insurance company and she said it was from the physician.  I then asked to speak to the doctor and was told that they could leave a message but there was no guarantee that the doctor would call me back, that it might be the physician's assistant who called me back and they would tell me the same thing.  I left my number and am waiting for the call.  I am a 42-year old mother of three who has taken this medication responsibly for many years and I'm perturbed by the fact that because some others choose to abuse it, I have to suffer the inconvenience and constantly changing regulations.  Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, I have had to switch doctors once and locations once because this medical office is closing branches and relocating doctors, I assume due to the bad economy.  I live in a rural area and already have to drive 45 minutes each month to this doctor's office.  I am contemplating discontinuing taking this drug even though I know it will have a negative effect on my concentration and performance at work and on my family life.  It's starting to be a bigger bother to get Adderall than to deal with my symptoms if I don't take it.  I wonder how many others are having this dilemma.
I am unfortunately dealing with the same problem. My Dr. Made me feel like a druggy when I went back to get on this medication because I struggle everyday to keep a straight thought. I took this medicine for over 7 years and never had an issue until now. Why should I have to pay 4 drug testing because others abuse the system. Now not only do you have to be monitored and have to go pick up the prescriptions each month- now I have to be made to pay to  take a drug screen- what are they testing for exactly? I would like to know. If I did smoke pot would that disqualify me from getting a prescription? Even though I don't it still makes me angry. 40 years old and they require my doctor to make me feel like that! How flipping ridiculous.
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My son takes Adderall and like you, I need to go and pick up the prescription every month.  She does not require me to bring him in however.  Usually we visit every 3 months and we get bloodwork done once a year.  The only thing I know about Adderall is that it is no longer available as a generic.  The company that held the original patent bought the company that made the generic...thus no more generic.  So right now, that is my big beef.  If I have to bring my son in every month, well yes that will be a big pain in the you know what.  I hope it is not true.  I guess I will find out soon enough.  
That's not true, it is still available as a generic. That's all I ever get.
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I could have written your post.  It is a long commute to and from the doctor's office, and now the urine screens.  plus my pharmacy could not get a delivery of the 10 mg pills and it has been almost 3 months, and i had to wait until i saw the doctor again to get a new script for 5 mg pills (double the amount).
If it helps you, keep taking it.  just vent sometimes, as you just did
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I was just informed by my sons drs office that he would have to been seen every 3 months, he has been taking adderal xr for about 10 years now. this is the first time that he has had to go in and i am thinking it is the insurance or the drs office wanting the co pay and payment. i too went in every month to get the written script, but he had to only be seen once a year. being a single mother it is hard to get him to go to the dr as a teen. please if the regulations have been changed we need to know.....
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I have been on Adderall for 3 yrs now and I too only had to be seen every 3 months. Today I called in for my prescription to the Dr. and I was informed of new regulations requiring me to be seen every month now. I do not have insurance so I will have to pay $130 a month now for Dr. visit and medication. Not happy. Any useful web sites on this issue is greatly appreciated.
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As of 12.2012, I still see my doctor ONCE every THREE months to get my Adderall prescription. There is no federal law stating otherwise.  
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In the state of Alabama, I am only seen for about 5 minutes by my Pschiatrist every 6 months and I answer a questionaire on a digital tablet for about 10 minutes prior.  EG Do you feel helpless sometimes?  I think there may be a different set of rules between what family/primary doctors are allowed/supposed to prescribe versus Psychiatrists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.  My doctor told me he would only prescribe me a maximum total of 60MG of adderral per day.  But yes, let me be clear and state this again. He sees me a MAXIMUM of ONE TIME every 6 months for about 5 minutes and issues me three prescriptions which specify to "fill after" a specific date in 30 day intervals.  For the remaining three months after that, I just call in a prescription refill which is ready for pickup or to be mailed to me in 24-48 hours.

I'm willing to bet the rules changed for Family/Primary doctors and are different than Psychiatrists or those who specialize in Mental/Sleep disorders.  Additionally, I believe that a Physician who suspects drug abuse will tell a FIB which discourages your persuit of it OR so that he/she can keep a closer eye on your mental/physical state.

Urinalysis?  Blood Samples?  I've been prescribed Adderall for the past 6 years and have NEVER had blood or urine samples taken.  I bet it is just the Psychiatrists who again, suspect your abusing and tests it for other drugs or to discourage your persuit of the medication...  OR is a State law.

I hope my contribution of this information is helpful and I hope all of you who need this Medication have more access to it with the new Healthcare bill (GOD SAVE US ALL) lol.
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Yes, Regulations are over the top! I am 33 yrs. old, and in 1994 at 14 yrs. old, I was first evaluated and told I did NOT have ADD. Fast forward 15 yrs. later, I struggled the entire time with ADD in school, family, friends, job, life, etc. Finally I was re-evaluated as an adult and told it was clear I have had cognitive functioning problems that were never addressed! Well, a few years after my denial in 1994, this drug was over-doagnosed, mis-used, and abused (1998- present). But I was not part of that generation, and had nothing to do with these pill popping kids. I struggled emensly, in my pre-teen, teenager, and all through my twenty's without this medication. I have taken for 4 years now, and am proud to say I am on my way to University for my first bacholor degree. However, since I began, I have felt like a criminal every time I re-fill my prescription. I have No insurance and pay $200 a month for this medication. Not to mention; a once a month stop by doctor's office, calling into doctor every three months to re-fill, and required Med checks every six months=almost $3000 a year! All this required before the New Regulations. But now this has become more hassle, and the straw that broke the camels back. I am seriously considering no longer taking my much needed medication: I could barely afford this before, and now I just don't know what to do. All those people who mis-use, borrow or steal these meds, Shame on you. Your irresponsibility has cost people who truly need these miracle worker medication; Adderall. Any one remember the days before all those Medicine commercials? You know the ones with half the commercial discusses side-effects? I remember. Why do we lets pharmacutical companies (a for profit industry), run our doctors, hospitals, healthcare, government legislation...$$$ over people. Makes me proud to be an American.
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I sure understand your frustration. I have taken Adderall for 7-8 years after being tested for brain function.I am 65 now and have flourished,felt together etc since starting this drug.I have bought 3 months at a time for many years..which is feasible because if you buy one month at a time the cost soars..not to mention having to pick up the prescription every single month! Well yesterday when I picked up my prescription sure enough it was only for one month PLUS short by I pill a day! I'll call Mon for the reason,hope my DR just made a mistake
It reminds me of gun control, the criminals sure won't be turning in or registering their weapons!
All they have to do is make a data base showing the individuals use...of course here we go with Big Brother! The prescribing Doctors already have their DEA No. on prescriptions they write,so if they write too many prescripts they are noticed.
Doctors need to stand up to these bullies and take charge. The DEA has no biz telling them how much or how often a patient should be administered any drug! Pure Gestapo tactics..bullying.Probably due to greed..someone's making big profits here,This interference is out of hand and getting worse. Can you tell I am very angry. I am not an abuser and should not be under anyone's damn microscope.
I too am thinking of quitting the adderall but I am very worried what that will do to the life I have created since my brain got to wake up.
Thank you listening.
PS I fully intend to learn whatever state or federal laws require all this crap.
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My doctor prints out 3 adderall prescriptions at one time for me.  She just puts on the don't fill till after october 1, then one don't fill till Nov 1.  It works for me.  I can't see my psychiatrist monthly it cost me 100$ and that is a big chunk out of my SSI check
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HI, may i ask which state you live in? I recently got diagnosed for ADD like a day ago. It wasnt my general practitioner, i dont believe i have one bc i rarely go to the doctors. so, i went to some other medical center which doesnt accept insurance oddly. First time visit(yesterday) was $120, then i have to come in every month for $99 to get checked on and prescribed. Its outrageous.. I also reside in CA. When i come in for the next visit, I plan to ask for a 3 month prescription to receive the medicine on specified dates(like how you did), so that i may avoid the $100 dollar payment for 10 minutes of evaluation every month. Though my skeptic mind, is telling me things will not turn out as i plan. i truly hope this option is considered though, i am only 21 and 100 dollars per month, +15 at the pharmacies(which includes insurance co-pay) takes a toll on my finances for (30) 20 mg Adderall medications per month..
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I have been on Adderal for 7 yrs. Miracle drug for me.I suffered like shleprock yea flinstones.Not funny at all. I was a chid of a mother with Munchousin by proxy, I was a normal child. She made me believe I was crazy.
Thank god at an early age 3, I learnred to I spit um out. Made me feel weird.
I got Trazadine Meleril In third grade.See it got worse. I vowed I would never take any more pills.Then a dr. god bless him! he diagnosed me with adhd         never thought of that
he retired I was taking 4 20's a day. I went every mo. 10. 00 visit.
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I don't have to see my doctor every month I go every three months and she gives me three prescriptions and puts do not feel until a certain date on  two of them... I'd say you tried to pick it up too early  and have been flagged.
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I am in CO and I have to go every 6 mos for a "check-up" to see how I'm doing, if I need my dosages adjusted, and they charge me for that.  Then I pick up my scrips monthly from their office at no charge.
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I have worked clinics for ten years and due to the opioid death crisis the docs have to follow new regulations. I take methylphenidate and along with RANDOM UAs which is more responsible by the doc, drug contract I sign, they also access the PDMP which is managed by the state (Oregon), to ensure that I have not filled prescriptions other than those my doc is awar of. I get three 30 day prescriptions at a time. I actually think it’s a good thing that this is required. It keeps potential addiction at a safer risk level. The UA not just to make sure I’m only taking my prescribed drugs but it also screens patients who are deferring drugs - selling them, or if they are abusing them and take more than the prescibed dose the doc could discover this when the is absent in the drug screen. I understand that some docs will take advantage of patients but generally they follow the Hippocratic Oath: First, Do No Harm. The opioid crisis extended to a large number of seniors who became addicted and it caused them harm or death.

good info, thanks for sharing.
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