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Adderall vs. Rialin

was on adderall for 4 months 10 mg a day and now have switched to ritalin (its a long story) and 5mg not enough so i went up to another 5 a day.  Seems to help but i feel abit impatient, given to impatience and easily annoyed lately is anyone experiencing these as sdie effects?  I also take celexa and wellbutrin for depression and adderal was introduced because i was becoming depressed again feeling unmotivated and frankly lethargic....i worry i am doing a "bad" thing to my head....any feedback would be appreciated....
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   Any idea if the adderall/ritalin was added because you have AD/HD or because of your depression?  It makes a difference as the stimulant meds act differently on someone who has AD/HD compared to someone who does not.
When I read you were adding adderall I felt compelled to relay my experience. Adderall is basically legalized speed. Do yourself a favor and try all other options before turning to adderall. I was addicted to adderall. I just finished physical withdrawals and now I'm dealing with phychatric withdrawals. This drug is sold on the streets and you might find yourself needing more and more in order for it to work. Just be careful! I just don't want anyone to go through what I just experienced! I thinks it's crazy they give this stuff to kids.
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you can be lethargic from anti depressants as well.  IT is a careful balance/trial and error/accept you are a guinea pig.

If the present regime doesn't work you could try another anti depressant
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I'm on 40 mgs SR. Of adderal   60 mgs cymbalta and yes since it is a stimulant it does tend to make u irritable it is supposed to clear your head help to think clearly. Mostly the higher the dose the clearer" one track mind" so when lots of problems or situations occur the harder it is to deal with it. So yes everyone acts differently depending on body reaction as well as home or  work life (animal,spouse, children, co workers)
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I take celexa and Welbutrin and I have no energy so I was wanting to add aderal
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   Sounds like you ought to talk to your doc., because I think you might be a bit overdosed with those meds.
    In terms of the adderal, if you have anxiety and also adhd - then the adderall might also help with the anxiety and reduce your need for those meds.
    I recently answered to posts on anxiety and adhd.  You might want to check them out.  Especially the links I posted on those posts.
    The posts are:
          Hope these help!
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