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Adhd/ Bipolor 5 y/o

My 5 y/o son was diagnosised Adhd as well as bipolor. He is on several medications: ritalin, restpordol(sp???), Concerta, and clonodine (help him sleep) but they work for just a while. He can be perfectly fine one minute and extremely mad over something so small the next.... not to mention that he runs full charge all day. Anyway, he has been getting a lot more aggressive here lately for no apparent reason. I mean nothing has changed in our home. His grandmother watches him in the afternoon while I work and then he is with me the rest of the day. When he grts aggrressive, most of the time it is directed at me. He with throw things at me, try to hit me, etc. He is also mildly aggressive with my 7 y/o daughter. I want to dicsipline him when he acts this way, but sometimes, I don't react in a healthy way and by the end, me and my son are both furious. Time outs don't work cuz he figures out ways to hurt himself. I know that a lot of it is not his fault and there for when I do dicsipline I kinda feel guilty. However, when other dicsipline him..... I get VERY upset. My husband trys to help, but he works most of the time so it seems like Im a single parent. His mother trys to help.... but she doesn't understand him and really doesn't get along with him. Although she does love him.... she doesn't reall like him.I NEED help. Im at the end of my rope when it comes to dicsiplining him. Any advice????
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It may be that the medications need adjusted. Did he just start his concerta? If so they probably put him on the lowest dose and he needs an increase. My son is on concerta but the doctor told me that a good response to it right away meant he really was adhd. But after two weeks it didn't work as well and he was increased and that made the difference. also it only lasts 10-12 hours or so. So depending on how early you have two give it to him it may where off. by the time my son is home from school its completely wore off. So now he takes a low dose 5mill of Ritalin at 2pm to keep it working so I don't have to double his dose cause I didn't feel comfortable with doubling it just yet. As for the bipolar I have no advice. He also takes clonidine at bedtime and I think that helps because he gets a full nights rest. Good luck I would bring it up with his doctor asap to see if there's anything that may help.
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My son has been on Concert for about 3 months now. And as with you, he takes Ritalin at 2 pm as well. Then about 6 pm, he takes ristpordol and clonidine. As for the dosage of Concerta, he takes 27 mg, and Ritalin he takes 15 mg. Thank you for ur advice.... much appriciated.
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That's a difficult combo to treat bipolar and ADHD bc it seems to me the ADHD meds would worsen the bipolar. Is he more aggressive since he started the Concerta?  If so, tell the psychiatrist, Ritalin is a stimulant drug and stimulants make bipolar worse. It sounds like a REALLY tough situation and it sounds like he is not very stable mood-wise.  Try to remember he has two illnesses.  Also try not to beat yourself up if you lose it.  Also, sometimes men just step back,I'm sorry you are not feeling supported.  We are here if you need us!!  But call the doctor if you feel like things are not right w/the medications.
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http://www.rxlist.com/intuniv-drug.htm#  here is a new treatment choice for adhd its a non stimulant. Dont know if it will help but its an option u can discuss with your doctor. my son is also on the 27 mill. of concerta but the next dose is double that that's why I didn't feel very comfortable giving him that.
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p.s. his symptoms seem to have come back full force. It's as if the body adjusts and the meds quit working so im at a loss what I should do. After school's out I plan on trying the  intuitve out  and seeing how it helps. I didn't want to change him while he's still in school. The doctor says it builds up in the system and should have a longer lasting affect once its taken for a few days.And it's a non stimulant :) witch as a parent makes us nervous giving are children stimulants. Although the doctor said concerta is non habit forming the Ritalin is. I'm not so sure I believe the concerta is non habit forming though.
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it never seems to amaze me that these Doctors put young Children who's brain is still growing on these very hard Drugs.

Do you and everyone else who gives these drugs realize that these Drugs are like Speed and what they are and can do to a young little person.

Have you looked up all the side effects of these drugs,and I beat that the Doctors never sent your child to have a EEG done on his brain to make sure that everything is Normal and checked his blood work.
The child blood work should be checked every 6 months to make sure that all the drugs they are on is not damaging there Liver and Kidneys.

The best thing you can do is give your Children Multivitamins and Vitamin B6 and B12 and Omega 3-6-9  and they don't have all the bad side effects and are very good them.You can also give them Melatonin to help them sleep. You can buy these from the Store in the Vitamin area.

I would also see if the School will give him some Councilor to talk to .

My son now has Seizures after being on Adderall and then Concerta and was on Risperdal until we had to take him to the Hospital one night,I thou I was going to lose my son and he was very scared to and going in and out of Seizures. The one Doctor told me to take him off slowly because they are know good for someone who has Seizures. My Son Seizures started out where you couldn't even know he was ahving them.Now you can tell when he has some of them and he still has Absent Seizures that you can't see or know he is having them unless he is having a Video EEG .

I wouldn't want another Child or Adult to go threw what my son and Family has had to go threw.
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No, my son has never had an EEG or blood work in the 2 (almost 3) years since he has been medicated. However, a friend told me about flax oil and how it is suppose to help with syptoms of adhd. Currently we are trying it and putting the flax in a smoothie type drink. My son is begging for his "special" snack now. I haven't noted a lot of changes yet, but it does seem to be helping his sleep.
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I am always suspicious when very young developing children are dosed with a bunch of dangerous drugs, the long-term effects of which are largely unknown. I am also suspicious of diagnoses of ADD and bipolar disorder in the very young. They wanted to put one of my kids on drugs and I said no. She is now an adult and is perfectly fine. Better than fine, actually. She is a jewel in my crown.
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I am very mad that your son blood work has not been checked.These Doctors know that the blood work needs to be done to make sure that the drugs are not causing any damage to anything.

You need to make sure the Doctors are doing there job and keeping your child safe.All of these should have  been checked before you put anyone on these drugs and 6 months or at least once a year after being put on these drugs.

1. Liver levels should be checked .

2.Kidney levels should be checked.

3. sugar levels should have been checked.

4.Thyroid levels should also be checked.

5.A EEG should any maybe even an MRI to make sure the brain is working Normal.

If you buy the omega 3-6-9 Vitamin that has the flaxseed in it also.and the omega 3 is fish oil witch is good for the brain and so is Vitamin B6 and B 12.The Melatonin really helps with the sleeping.

If you can't get your Child Doctor to send you for these things then I say it is time to get a new Doctor who will. You need to demand these things and stand strong these are our Children we are talking about.Even if the Doctor tell you there is know need.I have had to do this for my son when I wanted a test done on him and all I heard was know he don't need that test we would know if there was something going on.I finally got threw to one of the Doctors when I told them this is my son and I need to know I don't want to find out years down the road that my son problems can be part of this and I didn't do my job as a parent and get the test done.So they did the test and came back and said he was fine,so now I know and if something does change with it later we will something to compare it to.

Our Children can't fight for them self so we must fight the fight for them know matter the cost.
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