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Almost all information for ADD/ADHD is on kids but according to MedHelp ::
or about ten million adults.
With that many adults affected why is 99% of the information only about kids?
Where can info on adult ADD/ADHD available?

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  You might want to check out this site.  It is aimed at adults and has some interesting posts.  http://jeffsaddmind.com
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Until a few years ago adhd/add was considered a childhood phenomena, today we know better. I guess that is the reason, and if you consider the spendings world wide on children adhd/add, it would be to expensive to help the 2-5% of the adult population being diagnosed. So I guess money and politics is partly to blame.
Its quite incredible when studies show that in some countries have as many as 40% of prisoners are affected, and they still don´t really take it serious by testing and medicating..... Wonder what the 40% of innmates cost emotionally and economical in modern society......

However, adults (diagnosed as adults) are left swimming in a fishbowl they really don´t understand, with no hope of a better life with coaching and economical support! Parents, be glad if your child gets diagnosed. I really wouldn´t wish for them mine, or many other adhd/add´s lifes..... Chaotic, frightening and just a world that confuses you from start to end!

If you want info, or support you should visit adhd forums, all other resources are poor at best! I´ve spent some time searching in the past ;) This forum helped me quite a bit understanding my problem, hopefully you will get answers here (beware for alot of trolls, but for the rest excellent comunity!):


And remember, if you met one adhd/add`er you´ve met one, we are just as similar and different from each others as socalled "normal" people are!
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