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Adult ADD/ADHD question

Two questions....

For anyone who is on here that has adult add/adhd, what made you realize that you actually had ADD/ADHD and not just minor problems with attention?

Secondly...what does a diagnosis involve?  How much does it cost?
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Lots of things just adding, struggeling with school etc up but the final straw was not being able to get a drivers license. Im a smart girl so getting my license should have been a breeze.
I was referred by my GP to a specialist who diagnosed me. Not sure how it works in the US (if that's where you are).
My Dx involved several sessions with the psychiatrist, full physical examination, psychological test & an EEG.

Im really glad I got my Dx, there is no way I'd get in to med school, let alone do well, without my Dx & meds.
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