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Adult ADD??

I have been told by several people that I have Adult ADD. I drink a lot of beer. If I do not drink I am bouncing off the walls. When I clean, I cannot finish one project before being distracted by another and moving on and on and on. My mind is constantly running on high. I am tired of drinking but feel crazy hyper without it. I am 51. I am hoping I can learn more about the onset of Adult ADD or could I possibly have had this for many years without my knowledge?? I have a VERY physical job and have worked 10+ hours a day for 23 years. Until an unnecessary hysterectomy 3 years ago I was OK with my extra energy and could deal with it fairly well. Now, with the major changes in my body, I am feeling crazy. My brain still goes and goes and goes. My body is no longer able to keep up with my brain and I am extremely uncomfortable, inside and out. I do not know if this makes sense!! Any advice? How is a person tested for Adult ADD?
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You can go to your family doctor to ask about these symptoms and to inquire if you might have adult ADD. I went to my family doctor to get diagnosed.
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I can remember never being able to concentrate or focus well. I was smart in school, just had no 'stick to it ness'!! I was bored easily.
I know I cannot drink as a medication forever and I am, quite frankly, sick of it.
I'll check out the web site. Thank you!  
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Look for a physical cause. Are you hyperthyroid? Do you have high cortisol? The hysterectomy could have thrown your system out-of-whack. You might want to see a competent endocrinologist.
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Just did the test on the site you mentioned. I scored 239 with 55 answers 3 & 4. I think I need to find a good doctor.
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