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Adults with ADD

I am wanting so answers regarding ADD in adults. What are the major symptoms? Does it get more severe with age?
My Focus in high school was very difficult. I could not focus in class at all. It is strange because I was voted the  outstanding athlete of the year in my graduating high school class. Today many years later i am full of fear when it comes to learning..................Ohwilly
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  Although no one who truly has ADHD "loses" it as they grow older many learn to control it and cope. ADHD does not grow worse with age however. Other mental conditions, such as bipolarity, does. The fear you have may be anxirty based. Have you seen a therapist or any sort of psychological doctor? If you truly think you have issues I can't tell you haw good it is to finally know that there is a name for what you are experiencing and you are not to blame.
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It was so good to read your post. since I started this forum I have been reading everything I can get my eyes on and it is a blessing. I believe ADD or AD/HD has been the foundation of ALL my struggles and I feel better than I ever have, knowing as you so perfectly put-I am not to blame. Looking down on ME has been my life. along with the above I am bi-polar and have PTSD relating to the Vietnam war.

I have made an appt. with a therapist next week do a screening for ADD.

Alcohol and drugs I am beginning to understand are very connected to the above.

Please share if you have more-thanks

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    Ohwilly, if you were in Nam,  you are about my age and I can tell you that nobody had a clue as to what ADHD was in the 60's.  
    For a pretty good quick summary check this out. It is from the WebMD.  It seems fairly unbaised. http://www.rxlist.com/attention_deficit_hyperactivity_disorder_adhd/article.htm  
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Well, after trying to get that website entered I now know for sure I have AD/HD.

On first glance it looks like a lot of imformation. I put it in my favorites so I can read it all when I get back later today. It will be very helpful I am sure..

Thank you...........Ohwilly
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