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Adut ADHD Questions -- Getting Dr to listen

Hi there,

I have been treated for anxiety/depression (although I don't feel I have depression just the low energy motivation symptoms) since 2007 and nothing seemed to help. I've been on lexapro, zoloft, wellbutrin, and prozac. A few weeks ago I was talking to my mom with all of my ongoing issues (I usually keep these matters to myself) and she said that when I was in middle school the school did an assessment and I was diagnosed with ADHD but they didn't have insurance at the time and never followed up with treatment. (It was a full battery of tests I requested the records).

I went to the dr after my wellbutrin rx ran out last week and said this isn't helping, I think I have ADD I just found out I was diagnosed as a child and after looking it up more it fits to a T all of my problems. I got the panicked I don't treat people with ADHD look and she referred me to a collegue. Later the day I get a call saying oh she doesn't do paitents with ADHD either I'm going to schedule you with Dr. X. I called today to see what time my appt was becuase monday is fast approaching and I forgot and again was told oh I need to double check and make sure this dr will see you. Really? The appointment has been scheduled since Monday its now Friday and your just verifying this with her? I told the receptionist on the phone if it helps I was diagnosed as a child and have the testing paperwork & report cards for middle school & high school. She informed me that with that information the Dr. would see me.

Now I get that Dr's don't like to see paitence that are seeking ADHD drugs but I don't care WHAT they put me on as long as it helps my problems. I've had problems with work, college, ect and it would be nice to live a normal life again. What can I do to get the dr to listen to me when I go. Also what medications could I ask for that are "less risky" for the dr to prescribe or should I just let the dr take the reign? Also, I have extreme anxiety & social phobia in general should I push for the dr to prescribe me something for that (I have ativan I take as needed which doesn't really help)  or would ADHD meds lesson the anxiety issues I'm having? I am in my mid 20's so am afraid I'm going to get labeled as the person who just wants meds. Frankly pain pills barley seem to take my pain away much less make me high, but yet becuase I'm young I'm being sterotyped? Ugh! I have 2 kids and just want to beable to focous on my job and college degree so I can provide the best life for them.
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Hi there.  Well, sorry if you have gone all these years and your parents never tried to help you. You'll need to go through an evaluation process again through a psychiatrist (which I assume that is who you are seeing for your mental health issues).  No good psychiatrist should rely on information such as you describe from a long time ago and never having been followed up on.  So prepare for a thorough review of your records and testing to be redone.  

Now, treating add/adhd doesn't just involve medication.  You should educate yourself as to what other things you could/should incorporate into your life  to help.  I would not go in and expect that a pill will change your life as it really doesn't.  So, try to learn everything you can about add/adhd to  help yourself.  Not just the symptoms but read up on what things they do-----  as there is much more than just meds.  

I would not ASK for any type of med.  Doctors are well versed on what is available and when it is necessary.  If you ASK for a drug by name, this is often the pattern of drug seeking that you speak of.  There are some types of medications that are not controlled/stimulant and maybe they will feel this is best to try.  But who knows.  Let the doctor be a doctor and suggest therapy for you.  Especially since you suffer an anxiety disorder as well.  Yes, ativan is really a bad choice for treating anxiety as it is justa situationa type of drugl----  no one should take ativan chronically for anxiety and these days this is not the first line of treatment.  What about a seratonin/norepinphrine reuptake inhibitor?  They work very well on depression with anxiety or just generalized anxiety disorder.  But your psychiatrist would know this.  They are well versed on working with patients that are complicated and come up with the drugs and in what combination that would work best.  
So, I encourage you to be a patient and let the doctor do what they do best and treat you.  Be open to things beyond just medication.  Good luck and hope you are given good care.  
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I am a 51 yr old female, who has been treated for the same symptoms of depression, lack of motivation etc....I learned about ADHD because my daughter was diagnosed as a child. After switching jobs and experiencing problems hat mattered, with my new occupation... I started relating them to the same characteristics of ADHD. As a result I sought treatment.
My first experience with a doctor, was alarming. She flat out told me ADHD drugs are addictive! I left her office thinking, "she thinks I'm a druggie." I reported her to the office manager, and never saw her in the office again.
I now take Adderall and I am questioning my depression medication, which I am going to try to slowing stop taking. The main thing the Adderall has helped me with, is learning the process to do things. It helps me connect segments of work, and social life. If you are focused, you can get to the next step. Once you do anything correctly a few times, you learn the process and gain confidence to do it again with less fear and hesitation.
This drug has been extremely helpful for me, and unless there comes a time when you decide you want to limit your growth, then that would be the time to stop taking it. ADHD has no cure, as people want to believe. When my job, changes again in retirement, I may decide that I no longer need to be focused and accomplish as much. My performance expectations will be diminished, similar to my mindless job before, and that would be a time I may consider withdrawing from the medication.
I'm sorry more people do not take ADHD seriously, just because it can't be seen, heard or felt. If you had a different ailment, I'm sure your parents would have sought treatment immediately.
I currently need to get a prior auth for my ADHD prescription, because I am over the age of 18, even though there is no scientific evidence that ADHD is a childhood disability only. This sort of stigma and lack of understanding needs to be ignored, and you need to move on and do what you need to do. The cautious message we continually hear about these medications scare people, and make them feel bad.
When was the last time you heard words of caution about receiving chemotherapy? And if you did, wouldn't that be kind of cruel?
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Dear, a doctor is perfectly within their bounds to say precautions regarding medication used for add/adhd and I'm sure no doctor was 'let go' for stating the fact that it can be addictive.  It can.  That is why they are scheduled and controlled.  They don't do that for things that do not have the potential to become addictive.  Right?

anyway, most doctors do in fact take add/adhd seriously.  I would say that a common complaint on this forum is that they diagnosis it too often in fact.

I personally am not for or against medication.  I think it is necessary in many cases.  
Good doctors are always on the look out for drug seekers.  That is not to say that they do not take add/adhd seriously.  The prior auth. status is becoming increasingly popular for many different medications in many different classes.

Anyway, just wanted to give my two cents.  People should allow the system to work for them while being a good advocate for themselves.  good luck
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The Dr that I am going to see is not a psychiatrist just a regular doctor. There is a 6 month waiting list to get into a psychiatrist and we both agree I can't wait that long. (I will go into counseling and learn skills -- I just never knew I had this problem and that there were things I could try!) That is why she wanted me to bring in the testing I had while I was done in school so she could look it over. Yes she could do testing now (not sure if she will or not I have 2 little kids who come to the dr with me so they like to rush me out of thrre) but even w/ testing anyone could "fake" adhd to get the drugs. I don't care if she gives me tylonel as long as it helps & I do know medication isn't going to help everything but if I can't focous/concentrate on anything I can't learn the skills either!

I've tried several SSRI's for the anxiety and nothing seemed and the dr who referred me did mention possibly trying an SNRI I'm just not sure what would mesh well with adhd meds if we go that route (stimilants or not)

I can't believe all the trouble you had getting meds. Per my understanding there are different non stimulant medications out there. And just becuase some people abuse the stimulants we're allready leabeled when we wlak in -- oh they want to get high or else they would have been diagnosed as a kid. I WAS diagnosed as a kid my ***** parents didn't follow up on anything. Maybe would have been nice if I didn't end up having to drop out of high school becuase I couldn't focous on anything and my anxiety was so bad. At last I'm trying to get it right now.
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I would say this.  An accurate diagnosis is important and I wouldn't allow a general practitioner diagnose you for add/adhd.  That you are having your mental health issues all managed by a primary care doctor for this long is a bit troublesome and I'd imagine your primary care doctor would like you to go to a psychiatrist.  Dealing with the conditions you speak of is in fact their specialty and where you would get the most care.  Six months will fly by and if you are wanting a diagnosis officially (and although school evaluations are good, in our area, they can't really 'diagnosis' it must come from a doctor)-----  you should get yourself on that waiting list.  I'd not find it responsible of any doctor to not go through the evaluation process before treating you for a condition and really, a primary care doctor isn't the best one to do that.  Perhaps you could find some child care so that you can go to initial appointments and be focused on yourself.  I'm a stay at home mom of two kids as well and they are close together in age and understand how that it is not ideal to take them with  you to everywhere you go.  If you have a friend that you can 'trade' occasional babysitting with, this works great----  meaning that during your doctor's appts. she will watch your two kids and you will watch hers when she has something to do and needs a couple hours of childcare.  That is unless you have someone to ask.  

Your anxiety is most likely playing a role in your desperation  here and that is something to keep in mind.  If they've tried different drugs and there is an issue of finding the right one for you, you should be under a psychiatrists care.  And add talk therapy to that for the full treatment.  

Susan Ashley's book "the add/adhd handbook" is one that the moderator of this forum recommends.  Perhaps looking at that would be good.  
good luck.  
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6 month waiting list?  wow. ya, try a different route because who ever waits that long for drugs has problems and so does their prescriber.  
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