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After an accident.

My boyfriend had a horrific accident last year which left him with 3 skull fractures and part of his brain crushed. He has ADHD and has had it under control for many years but his moods have become uncontrolable lately... Could there be anything long term?

Any suggestions on how to control this would be grateful.
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I would imagine with injuries like that, long term effects would definately be a possibility.  I would speak with his neurologist regarding the portion of his brain effected and how that would effect moods and emotions.
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i know that long term affects are possible, and i am most certain that he has them. He won't go to see his neurologist or his doctor because he is still finding it hard to face the fact that it has happened which is totally understandable.

He has left college, he had over 3 months off to recover but never really went back because he said that he was too far behind. He was playing football about 3 weeks after it happened so no problems with exercise. He was depressed a few months back but he lost a friend and there was things going on at home, also we split up which i know didn't help but when we did, i realised that he blames everyone else, would this be because he doesn't realise what he is doing?

Also, his confidence has gone completely and he seems to think most people don't like him or are angry with him, i'm just trying to find answers because it is really hard for him to come to terms with and i'm finding it hard to understand as there is not much i can do apart from talk about it but when we do talk it upsets him and stuff.

Many thanks x
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Sounds like he has a traumatic brain injury or TBI from this accident.  He really needs to see a neurologist.
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