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Am i Adhd or ADD

I have always had trouble concentrating in school. I have always had difficulties with remembering names dates, assignments, and while reading, i find myself 3 pages ahead without actually comprehending what i have read. I am easily frustrated with simple work. What should be easy, like 4th grade math, is sooo hard for me, but in the 5th grade, i resieved an award for reading comprehension on a college entry level. My mind races, i want to complete so much, i have countless journals, diaries, books i've started to write, hobbies unfinished, you name it, relationship problems, nothing can hold my attention. I am diagnosed Bipolar, so that may be a contributing factor. I come from a long line of addicts, and as my mother was withdrawing from methadone, she coincidentally became ADHD, and therefor swithched one drug for another. she is no way "hyperactive", and is highly intelligent, and able to complete tasks. I believe her motivation for manipulating the doctor was her fear of withdrawals from methadone. And my husband did the same to obtaine adderall. They both had bouts of euphoria, and stayed up in trancelike states for days. No doubt they were abusing them. I took an adderall, and whn they were running around in what i percieved to be intoxicated, i was renedered prectically unaffective, with a mild sense of clarity. But as a recovering addict, i will not even entertain the amphetamine, though people have said i need it. I have dropped everything i have ever started, with a lousy finish, but good intentions. Is this bipolar, even though i am medicated for that? or posssibly ADHD?
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You certainly exhibit many of the traits of a intelligent person with ADHD or ADD.  Almost always a person without ADHD will get high on adderall, while a person with ADHD will actually slow down and be able to concentrate.  Your remarks seem like this may be how you reacted.  Particularly since a person first going on speed tends to get a pretty good rush.  However if they are on something else to calm them down or are physically huge, etc., they may not feel the effects as much - so this isn't 100% accurate.

What you probably need to do is some more research into ADHD.  This is a good starting point.

If, after reading this and other material on ADHD, you feel that it is a possibility you have it, then you need to find a good psychologist or psychiatrist.  Not sure I would trust your general MD for something this important.

There have been several good posts on this forum from adult members who have finally realized what has been the anchor around their neck their whole life (ADHD), and have had great success with treatment.  Just knowing what has been effecting you is huge.  You might try  doing a search for adult ADHD  and reading some of those posts.  Good Luck.
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