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Anny suggestions on what med would be good for me?

When I started concerta, my marks in school improved right away and many people could see a change in me. I was calmer and could pay attention more. It helped me to be more organized. I felt like I could think a lot more clearly and communicate better. I had been taking Concerta for almost a year, but then I began to have problems with anxiety. The more I increased my dose, the more I’d feel anxious. I went up to 36mg. One of the side effects of this medication can be increased anxiety/depression. So I went to my pediatrician, and I had to convince her to take me off concerta. I loved the effects of this medication and how it improved my concentration, however, it made me feel more anxious than ever before.

I switched off of concerta onto strattera. Strattera made me feel so calm. I took it for about 3-4 months and went up to 80mg but it didn’t work like concerta did. It didn’t actually help me to pay attention at all. It just made me feel less anxious. It made me feel nothing. I felt numb. Again, I met with my pediatrician and told her that it wasn’t working for me. I had to persuade her to switch me onto a different medication. I was prescribed to Adderall XR which is amphetamine based. I have been on this medication for about 4 months now. I’m on 20mg. I have difficulty paying attention. This medication isn’t giving me the effects that I want. It’s not as effective as concerta, that’s for sure. I feel that as time goes by, it wears off more and more and my ADHD symptoms get worse.

I feel so frustrated and I don’t want to be put on another medication that doesn’t work for me. I want to take an ADHD med that has methylphenidate in it, because concerta is methylphenidate based. I also took Ritalin 5mg in the mornings before I took concerta and found it to be effective.

I miss concerta and I don’t think that my pediatrician will put me on any medication similar to that because it might cause me to be more anxious. It’s about time that I stop seeing a pediatrician now. I mean, I’m 17 years old. I have to convince her to put me on another medication every time, and I probably won’t be able to see her in another month or two because she’s so busy… ugh

Has anyone else found that Adderall stopped working or being effective?

I know that I need to talk to my doctor and all that, and I will be meeting with our family doctor soon. I just want some information about methylphenidate based medications.

Do all methylphenidate based medications have a side effect of feeling anxious/depressed?
Any ADHD medication suggestions?
Anything similar to concerta but without the side effect of feeling anxious?

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I take Vyvanse 50mg. I am 42 with a job where I must be focused and highly productive. I also take a med for depression. I find that Yyvanse works incredibly well. There may be a degree of anxiety increase, but I don't see it too much possibly because of my Rx for depression~ I may be getting a counter-effect. I do experience a bit of edgy/irritable mood. I mentioned Vyvanse to a friend of mine with similar challenges as mine and she is very pleased with the results. She is also around my age. Most of the younger people I know taking ADHD meds, by age that is below 18,  take the meds you mentioned in your post. I personally steer very clear of Adderall and Ritalin, but Adderall especially.

Best in health.
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