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Can ADHD include compulsive tics?

I have been on medication for ADHD for a long while. In fact, I hardly remember a time I was off of it besides last summer (to see if I would do well without it). The more I think back and relate to now, there is one thing that has been bothering me. Can ADHD include aspects of OCD without actually having OCD?

Ever since I was nine, I've had various weird tendencies. Up until I was 10, I'd constantly clear my throat because I felt like I absolute had to. Then, I move to snorting. Just, snorting up until sixth grade around age 12 but for some reason, it went away. I haven't had anything like that in a while but now, I have a compulsion to wrinkle my nose. If not that, roll my eyes upward as if I was 'stretching the muscle'. Though neither are harmful, the eye movement is inducing more headaches than I already have. I'm not particularly worried about this, but it bugs me from time to time. It seems to happen more when I'm unoccupied. I'm back on medicine again. Have been since the end of freshman year. I don't know why I'm doing this but I really have wondered if it was part of the whole ADHD thing or if it's just in my head.
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Hi, I will get back to you.  I  am away from my main computer till Sun night.  I have some good links on adhd and ocd,  but thinking what you may have would be more of a “fidget” response
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Well, I was going to say that it is related to adhd and stress, until upon closer read I saw that you said, "It seems to happen more when I'm unoccupied."  Which kind of blows that theory and comes back to fidgeting.   This well could be a form of fidgeting and if it is ...you probably can replace it with a different form.  These two links give you a lot of good info on that.    https://************.com/blog/fidgeting-strategies-that-help-people-with-adhd-focus/  and

     And this is a good link on comorbid conditions (like ocd) that can occur with adhd.    https://www.additudemag.com/when-its-not-just-adhd/

   And its, "not just in your head".... well, ya in a way it is.  But its a real thing and something that you can get a handle on.   Has these "twitches" gotten better since you went back on medication?
   Hope all this helps.   Keep in touch.  
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Ah, I see they blocked part of one of my recommended links.  Just put in ************ where you see the ******.
ok, there computers really don't like that site.  I will message you with it.
Oh my Gosh, Okay so I totally meant to get back to this a while ago. I actually discarded the email for later and bam, two weeks have gone and I just now realized when I went to check my email for something else. School has definitely kept me on my toes.
I did receive the other link you sent, thank you. And part of it definitely could be stress (even if unoccupied). I did get my medication upgraded, and the ticks have kind of stopped but every now and then they'll kick back in (especially during my 'bad' days where it's almost like my medicine is nonexistent -even if I took it-) Thanks for the response!
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