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Can a child with ADD get normal QB test results?

Hi, my son has all the symptoms of ADD, however, as his QB test results were within normal parameters we have basically had his case closed by the community paediatricians. Is it possible for a child with ADD to actually get normal results? I just don't know where to turn now...thanks
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First, I don't know how old your child is ...as that makes a difference.

Yes, he could have normal results since this is a test designed to be "used for assessing the core symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity."  Furthermore, the makers of the test say that, "The QbTest results should always be complemented by a clinical interview."  Did these doctors interview your child or give any questionnaires to you or his teachers?

I think it could very easily not catch a child with ADD.  The gold standard for diagnosis is to do a questionnaire with the teachers and parents.  ADD and ADHD are very different.  Good link here - https://helpguide.org/articles/add-adhd/attention-deficit-disorder-adhd-in-children.htm

My personal opinion is that this test is just a way for inexperienced professionals to deal with a problem they have little knowledge of.

Are you in the United States (which state) or England?

These doctors are not going to be helpful.  You might have more luck going through your local schools.   Your best bet is to find a doctor that specializes in ADHD - probably a psychiatrist.

The fact that you are asking these questions and willing to go online for answers, shows me that you have a very legitimate concern.  If I can give you any more information, please ask.  But, I would certainly give your concerns to his teacher.  Best wishes.
Thank you so much Sandman2, I appreciate your help.
I am in the UK, I wasn't aware that the forum was an American forum until after I had posted.
I will definitely take your advice and speak to his school. His primary school teacher and I did do a questionnaire over 12 months ago. He is at high school now though and displaying different behaviour as the environment is so different. Thanks again for your help.
Hi Clare,  I must admit that I was not too surprised to hear you were in the UK as I have gotten enough posts from there to realize your medical system is not real up-to-date on dealing with ADHD or ADD

If his new teachers are seeing some of the things that you are seeing, you will find that very helpful in getting a better diagnosis.

Until, then....there are some things that you/he/the school can do to make the situation better.  These links are both from a great source that has a huge amount of information that you might find useful.  

I hope these help
    https://www.additudemag.com/learn-more-in-less-time/[email protected]&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=September

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