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Can adderall cause paranoia?

Well for the last couple of months, I've just noticed that I become really paranoid in public, more specifically, times that I may feel threatened or nervous.  An example of the worst it gets:  I carry a knife everywhere I go, I made it a habit a while ago for cutting boxes at work and because I'd have to walk home after work, but that was over the summer, and I quit because of school.  So there's no need for a knife, but I still feel like I need some form of protection.  I've even kept it in my front coat pocket so I could grab it easily if needed-- the weird thing is that I get that feeling even when I'm just around friends who act a little suspicious.  Or just walking somewhere, or when I'm out somewhere and a group of people are walking by....   At home, if I'm the only person there and it seems like a car is parked outside waiting, or people are standing on the sidewalk infront of the house, ANY suspicious activity, I usually grab a gun and can't concentrate on whatever I'm doing cause I'm too busy listening for a door to open or something....

I wanted to explain that first, so here's all the facts and stuff:

Switched from Ritalin to Adderall about 4 months ago, started on 20mg XR.  I stopped noticing the effects of it, and told my psychiatrist, and she gave me a scrip for 10mg IR to take with the XR.  Then about a month ago I mentioned that I've been getting distracted easily at school, so now I'm on 30mg XR/10mg IR everyday.  For the record, I'm 6'1"/220 lbs, a pretty big guy... I only say that cause I know body weight has alot to do with med dosages.

Other medications:  clonazepam [1mg] (not daily, only as needed for anxiety... usually like 3 or 4 days out of the week) -- Ambien [10mg] for sleep obviously

I exercise almost every day, smoke some pot at night occasionally- sometimes recreationally and sometimes just to get to sleep.  I take vitamins, fish oil when I remember, sometimes take pepcid or whatever is around the house for heartburn...  No medical problems besides sleep and occasional social anxiety, but the anxiety has gone down alot over the last year.  Except for the incidences I'm talking about.  And I only see my psychiatrist for medication refills/check-ins, it's only a 20 minute appointment and I never have anything big to talk about, but I only started seeing a psychiatrist b/c of the anxiety last year, which like I said, has gone down alot.

But these paranoia attack-type things are alot different than anxiety, I get alot of adrenaline when I feel like this...  and I tend to try to get somewhere where I feel safer, which is making very bad changes in my social life.  I feel like telling my psychiatrist next time I have an appt. but I don't want it to be mistaken for depression or anything... I took all types of anti-depressants for anxiety, and none helped, all of them made things worse, until she bumped me up to a benzodiazepine...  So I reallllllllly don't want to be put on antidepressants of any type, eh... I'm not really sure how to describe but whatever.

I mean can the adderall cause these types of side-effects?  And if not, what could be?  I guess I also need to know if this is something to get checked out immediately, I have no clue how serious this is....

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Adderall is not recommended for people with anxiety problems because it generally worsens it.
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well thanks for the responses....

I do exercise alot actually, I know 220 sounds overweight but I've been lifting for about 5 years (im 17).  And I get cardio when I can, lol to say the least, running in arizona isnt that fun.  But I skateboard pretty often and play dance dance revolution obsessively in spare-time.

As for the knife, I really don't know why I carry it anymore, when I worked I had good reason for it cuz of boxes and alot of other things.  And I would assume 6'1"/220lbs is a little intimidating to most people so in my mind, I know I don't need a knife.. and I've been in plenty of fights and never lost, but my most recent fight (4-5 months ago) was a 2-on-1 which I guess might be why I feel I need a weapon... a few of my friends have been jumped and put into the hospital over stupid s***, and I don't like that to happen.  If people I'm hanging out with are arguing (the kind that looks like it'll end up in a fight) I always get between them and shut em up.

But it's not always just my safety that i'm paranoid about, I feel like I can't trust anyone at anytime... Not even my best friend or my parents, I'm always thinking that somebody will steal from me, start a fight, start talkin s***, all kinds of stupid stuff that makes no sense to me when I get home and think about it.

I'm wondering if the clonazepam could have something to do with it... cause I've been using it for about 10 months, off/on, and now I usually only take it on weekdays when I go to school.  So idk maybe the monday-friday use causes withdrawals on saturday/sunday?  I really dont know but im pretty sure paranoia is a benzo withdrawal symptom.

and ive been thinking alot about the adderall, and if it really is causing these problems, i guess im gonna stop, but I really dont want to.  It's sort of helped me get over a couple sleep disorders, temporarily atleast (delayed sleep phase syndrome, insomnia that's been on/off for 3 years, and mild obstructive sleep apnea)... The sleep apnea I think went away on its own, I honestly don't know b/c even if I did wake up in the middle of the night, I wouldnt remember it b/c of the ambien.  my delayed circadian rhythm is extremely confusing for me and a neurologist that specializes in sleep medicine, all I've found that works temporarily is either marijuana or heavy sedation (i used to take 20mg ambien), and still occasionally take diphenhydramine HCI with the ambien if i can't get to sleep after an hour of laying in bed.  

hah alot of information, but the point I was trying to get across is that the "crash" or come-down from the adderall almost always makes me tired at night, which really hasnt happened over the last couple years, except of course after starting on adderall.  And like i said, i exercise as well, so that helps my body be tired as well as my mind.

and in all honesty, i can't concentrate in school for 1 minute without some kind of stimulant, I used to take ritalin but that was definitely interfering with sleep, and i didnt feel concerta at all, so after those 2, adderall helped in many ways.  My school record has been terrible until i started on it, and that's something I don't want to risk, unless it does become serious.

hmm and i called the psychiatrists office today, they said my appt is 2 weeks from today, so not much help.  
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I can relate with you on the "crash" at night when the Adderall wears off....and prior to Adderall (and still but to a lesser degree) I had terrible sleep problems...the typical "can't shut my brain off" kind of nights.  I can also relate on how the school records change, and not wanting to risk that.  That being said...

Medications work best when they are taken as prescribed...in this I'm referring not only to your Adderall, but also to the Clonazapam...the ups and downs from the meds can be really hard on the system.  It's really not a good idea either to change the amount or schedule of your meds without talking to your doctor....which I'm sure you know, but just gotta say that becuase when you're frustrated it's easier to forget.

I would suggest that you try to get your appointment moved up if you can, and till then take the meds as they are prescribed.  Good luck!
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well, things arent getting any better, in fact, its indescribable now..

i've been extremely paranoid about everything to the point where i cant do anything without thinking "what if" + 'every possible scenario for every possible situation'.... not just things that are illegal or things my parents wouldnt like, or things that might have a consequence, i mean everything i do, at every second.

and tonight didnt help much, either it was a deliberate attack, or possibly a prank, but somebody decided to pound on our front door then run away.  and ever since, every car that drives by the house, every one of our pets that makes a noise, every appliance that turns on/off, every noise or scenario i can imagine, scares the living hell out of me, and makes my body pump adrenaline non-stop, which has been going on since 11pm, and its now 5:30am and i havent been able to even close my eyes when i try to get to sleep.

i took an ambien at 10, planning on going to bed, but that didn't make me feel sleepy at all.  i do feel tired, but my brain is going nuts and i cant shut it off, then my heart starts racing whenever i hear something.  and ive taken 3mg of clonazepam (i have a prescription, its not illegal incase you were wondering) so far tonight, but those havent helped at all.  and 3mg is alot, after downing 3mg i shouldnt even care if somebody was holding a gun to my head... but, everything is scaring me.  and any noise at all, loud or soft, makes me sort of jolt and completely drop whatever i was doing.

and i feel trapped in my bedroom, so after my parents/brother went to bed, i've been patrolling the house with a .45ACP every time i hear a somewhat loud/strange noise, thinking it's somebody breaking into the house.  so i check every inch of the house, carefully peek out every window to see if anyones outside, then go back to my room and try to sleep.  but then 10-20 minutes later, i have to repeat the entire thing.  its almost like im afraid to fall asleep because i think something is gonna happen while im asleep.  if i dont do my 'patrol' (this has only happened tonight by the way), i increasingly feel trapped and doomed, and it seems like the only way to survive is to take out "the people" that are "after" me.

im sure theres more, but i cant remember, i havent slept in 22 hours and my brain is only concentrating on my surroundings.

so basically its been an anxiety/panic attack thats lasted 6 hours or something like that, ive noticed that a blood vessel in my eyelid is twitching (only happens when i take too much adderall when im incredibly tired, and also happened the couple of times i tried cocaine last year)... all of which confuses me.

but the strangest thing is, the panic attacks get extremely unbearable and i become practically insane for 5-10 minutes.  for instance, i called my best friend and started accusing him of doing that thing earlier tonight, and barely spoke clear english the whole conversation, and i was a total ******* to him, which is now making me feel like ****.   and another instance tonight, i posted a myspace bulletin that was about 5 paragraphs explaining how i'd kill anyone who tries to do that again, and a bunch of other stuff, but one of my friends replied to the bulletin, and i didnt even remember writing it.... but i deleted it after a couple hours when i went back on the computer... but i re-read it before deleting it and it makes my anxiety skyrocket thinking about how my friends probably think im insane and i doubt most of them will talk to me again (assuming they read the bulletin)...

the worst part, honestly, is that it feels like i'm losing it... and by "it", i mean my mind.  I honestly feel like I'm going insane, and theres no way i can have a normal life if things continue like this, which has obviously only gotten worse and worse everyday.  but i know crazy people don't know they're crazy, so im even more confused and worried.

i try to think positive and do deep breathing and all kinds of techniques to reduce anxiety, but nothing affects me at all.  i try the 'mindstate' of "oh well thats b.s., nothing like that would happen, chill out, stop worrying, that can't happen, honestly what are the odds of that happening, etc....     but none of that does anything, my mind just reverts back to doom mode.

and i hate to say it, but tonight ive been feeling like i HAVE to end this one way or another, but its impossible to "stop" a non-existant threat.  and then i get brief thoughts of just stopping this altogether... by that i mean suicide.  but i'm catholic, and i obviously believe that i'd go to hell for eternity if i did.  but its unbearable.......  ive never contemplated suicide, and i deep-down and 100% against it and highly doubt i ever would, but these moments just throw all that out the window and make it seem like a simple solution.....please dont be concerned about that, i just mentioned it because im worried that (since these attacks constantly increase), maybe one day i'll jsut completely break down and go into an insane state once again, and even do it.... im so confused, honestly.  and im a tough guy, ive had alot of struggles in my life that ive fought through by myself, not only alone, but friends, peers, and parents making it worse.   and while writing this, ive shed a few tears while thinking about my current state.... its embarrassing for me to say, but thinking about this makes me wonder whats gonna happen, and i get the feeling that the outcome will be quite unfavorable.

i really need help, please, if you read this, say something, really anything.  i do apologize though if some of this is hard to understand, but im pretty sedated at the moment, sleep deprived, and cant concentrate worth s**t .  if i ever fall asleep, hopefully ill feel better in the morning.

(ps.  my psychiatrist only does 20 min. apptmnts so i dont really get to discuss everything with her, or sometimes just dont remember to bring something up.  but if i wanted to really talk about something with a long story and many questions (from both of us), it really isnt possible in 20 minutes.  but i feel i need some kindof professional help, although i dont want to be put on antipsychotics of any type, and i've taken antidepressants but i didnt really like that too much, but i guess i could try it again and see... idk.


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i think its not just one factor i think its many.   I believe its the pot the meds and your home life causing your paranoia.     Paranoia can be cause from pot if you smoke enough of it and the fact that you smoke it to get to sleep makes me believe that you smoke a lot of it.
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amphetamines are notorius for causing anxiety and paranoia... not to mention the rebound effect of the benzopines which makes what would have been a pain in the butt anxiety attack into a full blown "im dying' attack....... your drugs contradict each other and Im sure the pot and whatever alchohol you might consume are adding to the problems. I am having a hard time comprehending why so many people are on uppers and downers at the same time,, doctors have been warning us for years how deadly dangerous this is,, Go see your doctor man,, your too big to be running around with knives and paranoid like that, Im sure your probalby not abusing the speed, but if you are,, stop before you hurt yourself or someonelse seriousely.

*with heart and hope*   Jenn
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It sounds like the Adderall is doing it's job. Long term use of Adderall on certain people will cause severe depression and trust me I know from experience it's not fun. I've been suffering from it for awhile (yes, still am) and it's nothing to joke about. You need help before you do something you will regret. I use to snort Adderall and smoke pot but quickly stopped after I found out how the mix can be devastating. I have never been the same since I did it and have lost many friends because of it. I have been told I have bad mood swings and flip out constantly about little things. It feels like everyone is always talking **** or trying to start a fight, although they aren't. I also know exactly what you mean about you're friends thinking your insane, I think it every day since I did Adderall. Of course the effects on different on each person but if you are like me Adderall and Marijuana are definitely not a good mix. It can do some damage to you mentally, well in my case anyhow.
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well i greatly appreciate all responses, and i do take all advice to heart.

i have an appointment coming up soon, so ill discuss it then i guess, and as for now, i've easily stopped smoking weed... i mean i have to go through a bit of work to get it, so all i have to do is be lazy and its pretty easy to avoid it lol.  

as for the other stuff, i havent taken adderall except for school days, and i always try to take as little clonazepam as possible, which i still do.  i only take it on school days and maybe times when im out on weekends and feeling a bit anxious.  ambien is a different story though, ive noticed that im taking it very excessively, even on nights that i plan on staying up all night, just for the high.  ambien is also something i have very strong feelings towards, i honestly dont think it should even be legal.  i think i read somewhere that the FDA is currently doing tests to figure out if they want to withdraw it from the market, which i really hope they do.  ive never told any doctor or parents, counselor, etc that ive been abusing it for 2 years, but i get a nagging suspicion that its actually caused all the problems i have.... before i started on it for insomnia (started as short term, but a sleep study showed mild sleep apnea, so i pleaded for a continuous prescription... and ive swung between 10mg and 20mg, and back-forth on the 12.5mg XR version, since the high is much longer.  but in my moments of clarity, i tell the doctor to lower it back to 10mg instant release, thankfully... however at my last appointment, the doctor reviewed the different dosages, and said that i seemed more successful on 20mg per night, which is ridiculous.  i was probably much higher at the time, and had a more upbeat outlook, but i doubt it was helping.... so far ive been giving some out to friends and selling some of them just so im not tempted to take 2 a night, and i usually just take 1 a night, unless i get high off the first one and want another, which happens sometimes.

its just that before i started on it, i never had anxiety or even knew what it was, didnt have much of a problem with a.d.d. (although my brother is 22 and even he still has it, and also had a learning disability in middleschool-high school), never had anxiety attacks (which have been very frequent as of late), and didnt need loads of pills to get to sleep...  i hate having to take **** like this just to sleep, but nights when i go cold-turkey, its so annoying and seems like its been days when i lay there for more than an hour trying to fall asleep.

but, im going to see a sleep-medicine specialist soon, and i think im going to tell him straight up that i've been abusing it, and i want to get off sedatives for good.  ambien in my eyes, seems just like booze.... much in the feeling, very similar in the addictiveness, and even seems like im self-medicating my anxieties by just getting high.  and i guess i feel justified in doing it since its technically legal.  i mean, some nights, ill take it then go straight to bed, and if i dont fall asleep in 20-30 mins, the high kicks in regardless.  the strange thing is, when i stay up a whole day and i get to the peak of being tired (5-6pm after not sleeping the night before) i just take an ambien and im no longer tired???  lol it seems so weird to me.  

but i digress, i think i'll just talk it over with the specialist, and i think Rozerem (ramelteon) is a MUCH better choice since it's a melatonin-based drug, with probably no possible way to abuse it... and my main sleep problem is delayed sleep phase syndrome, so i dont see why it wouldnt be better.

as for the posts regarding me being dangerous, i know, and im responsible enough to know when ive become dangerous.  thats why im seeking help for this, because i dont want anyone including myself to get hurt.  luckily my schoolwork and a broken tailbone have kept me inside lately, which i think has helped somehow, i dont know why.

and crash, you pretty much nailed it, i always feel like everyone is talking sh!t, going to talk sh!t, going to start sh!t, going to start a fight, wants to fight, etc.  and i dunno why.  honestly, nobodys started a fight with me since like 7th grade, or even talked sh!t to my face... i realize im probably a very intimidating person b/c im a big guy, not fat, but more muscular than anything.  i look like i can bench 300, really lol.  so its just confusing when i get to a "safe" place where i can think about what just happened, and i think "wtf, why would that skinny guy even consider starting **** with a big guy he doesnt even know" and it just makes me feel out of control.

as for the guns, i told my brother to keep his safe locked from now on...

and as for abusing the adderall, no, ive never even snorted it.  i hate snorting things cuz i get nosebleeds from it very easily.  and ive done coke a few times but i think its crappy compared to popping a (free) adderall that will last all day.

sorry to rant again :(   lol i hope its not as long as i think it is.
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I hope your feeling better anyhow. I was doing a little bit more reading on Adderall and found some interesting articles, including one called amphetamine psychosis, which can cause delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder. Typically it appears after large doses or chronic use, although in rare cases some people may become psychotic after relatively small doses, in my case. I really do hope your feeling better and I don't mind the long rant. I just hope you don't do anything stupid like me, I was a good student but it forced me to drop out because of the depression. I know exactly what you mean when you say it feels like people are talking behind your back. It feels like they are conspiring against you, to humiliate you, or make you feel useless, well thats how I feel. I would also recommend keeping a diary (that sounds kind of lame) but I have been told I get a little schitzo when taking Adderall, and you seem very much similiar to me, and then I have no prior knowledge of doing anything. The only thing that I have knowledge is a gap in time, which I noticed on my forum when snorting Adderall, how my entries jumped rapidly from week to week. I use to write daily but when I was taking Adderall I never even wrote anything or remembered what happened, and it made me insane. It was insane and it made me very depressed, driving me to into partial insomnia for a short period. It reminded me very much of Fight Club if you have seen it. Sorry if that sounds kind of psychotic but thats what I experienced and I still question how Adderall has messed me up.
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Info on Amphetamine Psychosis:

Info on Paranoid Schizophrenia:
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After reading this I completely can relate to the paranoia. Thats why when I take adderall and have to do a specific task like study, I do it at my house or some where else where I can be alone. It makes it alot easier to wake up the next morning and recognize that alot of my paranoia and about people doing things to me was a result of being on adderall. And if your not freaking out around ppl it is a matter that you can handle and not have to worry about the opinions of other.

I do suggest that you go and see a clinical psychologist. Thats what I am in grad school for right now, and I've learned that psychiatrists receive very little training in therapy. I know I've never really gotten into detail about my problems with my psychiatrist. Talking to a psychologist that you trust and makes you feel  comfortable could really be beneficial. You'll learn the root of your anxiety and sleep deprivation, so you won't just have to rely on more drugs to help with those side effects. There are great things like relaxation techniques and ways to make your bedroom a place that makes you sleepy. I think that therapy would do wonders for you. I've been struggling with the same type of problems for awhile and after learning about all of the help thats available, I now feel like I understand myself and my problems better. As for suicidal thoughts, remind yourself that your are on a medication that causes anxiety and paranoia and that it will wear off. Please go talk to someone and be honest about everything that you've shared with us. I think it will help you start living again.There's hope out there. you are not crazy
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After reading this I completely can relate to the paranoia. Thats why when I take adderall and have to do a specific task like study, I do it at my house or some where else where I can be alone. It makes it alot easier to wake up the next morning and recognize that alot of my paranoia and about people doing things to me was a result of being on adderall. And if your not freaking out around ppl it is a matter that you can handle and not have to worry about the opinions of other.

I do suggest that you go and see a clinical psychologist. Thats what I am in grad school for right now, and I've learned that psychiatrists receive very little training in therapy. I know I've never really gotten into detail about my problems with my psychiatrist. Talking to a psychologist that you trust and makes you feel  comfortable could really be beneficial. You'll learn the root of your anxiety and sleep deprivation, so you won't just have to rely on more drugs to help with those side effects. There are great things like relaxation techniques and ways to make your bedroom a place that makes you sleepy. I think that therapy would do wonders for you. I've been struggling with the same type of problems for awhile and after learning about all of the help thats available, I now feel like I understand myself and my problems better. As for suicidal thoughts, remind yourself that your are on a medication that causes anxiety and paranoia and that it will wear off. Please go talk to someone and be honest about everything that you've shared with us. I think it will help you start living again.There's hope out there. you are not crazy
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I have noticed similar behavior in my spouse after taking adderall for about 6 mo now.  Recently, it appears that his paranoia is extreme and I feel as he has had a psychotic break.  He stopped the adderall today after being advised from his psychiatrist and was placed on seroquel. I was wondering if any one knew how long typically it takes for the paranoia to cease once the adderall is stopped? Thank you.
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I understand where you are coming from.  I take Adderall XR 30mg twice a day, and Adderall 30mg tablets, I usually break the tablet into four, and only take 1/4 as needed.  I am really paranoid all the time, about everything.  I also get really nervous when i am in social situations.  I have bitten my nails to the point where they actually hurt and look awful.  I was thinking about talking to my doctor about being prescribed to Lexapro or another type of drug, but due to work and school, i have not had a chance.  I should probably stop taking the adderall b/c of the problems, and also my blood pressure has increased.  But if i don't take it, all i think about is how i should take it to be productive.
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yeah man i feel ya... when im not on it, i feel like i wont be able to do anything unless i take it... school, work, video games, homework, going out, anything really... but im constantly looking around at people, seriously everyone, as if they pose some sort of threat.  i dont understand it.

my blood pressure increased too, but i think thats a common side effect
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Your paranoia comes from the adderall... adderall is a Amphetamine a schdule II drug from the FDA... basically it's speed... hi does will cause paranoiad symptoms. ask your doctor is you can reduse the doesage...

Good luck
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I saw your entry in the blog aout the adderall and your spouse. i know you didnt really touch on what is going on and thats ok. i am trying to figure out though what the heck is going on in my husbands mind. first the doctors thought he had adhd because he couldnt focus and would get super angry about everything. even normal day to day activities. holidays and family things were the worst. so they put him on adderall IR. well he would feel better for about 45 minutes and feel crappy again so he would keep taking them over and over and over. then he got extremely paranoid and started going through my things. accusing me of doing drugs, cheating on him, hiding things from him, etc, etc. so then the dr said well it seems as if it is bipolar disorder and put him on depakote. yeah that threw him into such sedation he could not lift his arm so he was angry again about everything and not being able to focus let alone wake up. so he tells the dr that this happened and dr said well you are not bipolar then. my husband begged for the adderrall XR and he gave it to him 30mg 1x a day. he wakes up in the morning sad and angry, takes his pill and goes to work, seems higher then a kite during the day and then gets home at night and is very irriable, mean and making up stories and accusations again about me. it seems he is slipping into paranoia again and is taking everything out on me. i guess because i am the one he is closest too. i just wish he would focus on something else to be paranois about. it is affecting me in such ways that i started self medicating with vicodin and percocet. he thought i had a bad drug problem so i stopped doing it. i have had absoultely nothing for over 2 weeks and he swears i am hiding it. i dont need medicine like he does. i am ok when i stop taking drugs. now he wants me to take adderall but i dont want it nor do i need it. he keeps trying to probe me for things that are wrong with me when there is nothing. basically it is like he feels resentment for me because i dont need anything like he does. i am just wondering if you were going through these same kinds of psychotic episodes? It is breaking me down so much that i feel like i am going crazy.

thanks :)
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also, one more thing. my husband keeps saying that all of his anger issues are because of me and i have caused him so much pain over the last 8 years. i try to talk to him about it and he cant pinpoint anything so it seems as if he is making things up since i cant think of anything at all
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Very interesting..my husband was started on seroquel a few months ago after having a psychotic break, extreme paranoia, while on adderall.  He was on a high dose serqouel for a while which competely shut him down to the point where he was sleeping all day. His psychiatrist told him he wanted him to take a leave of absence from graduate school which as been very hard for him. His paranoia stopped within 48hrs after stopping the adderall, but he was left sedated and angry from withdrawling from adderall.  A few weeks later he psychiatrist wanted to label him as bipolar which is so far from who he is given he has adhd and has never had a bout of mania except when he was on adderall.  He was placed on lamicatal, but had an adverse rxn and now placed on depakote. He is completely tired all the time and very upset with his psychiatrist because she will not let him work or go back to school. Naturally, this is very hard for our family. I feel as if the psychiatrist is not taking the paranoia serious that was induced by the adderall and instead is claming he has a mood disorder.
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From alex092...back to the adderall and husbands. I think adderall is extremely dangerous.  Some people seem to take it and just do fine, but there are some like our husbands who don't seem to react well to it. My husband is dying to get back on adderall and will try everything to prevent that.  The benefits gained, which I think are minimal and imaginative at most, are not worth an admission to a psychiatry hosptial or a hibernation in your home for months. The advantages that my husband thought he gained from adderall have only set to delay him even further.  Adderall needs better regulations and more people should be aware of the extreme paranoia induced by the medication.  I am sorry about your husand's behavior, I feel for you.  My husband is basically sedated on depakote and seroquel which is horrible. We are about to get a second opionion. I would encourage you and your husband to get a second opinion.  Has you husband tried SSRIs---depression can cause and inability to focus and fatigue which can be easily and more safely treated with an SSRI.  Also, not all SSRIs are downers...many infact can give you more energy.  
It is important to stay calm and be yourself when they are acting eratic.  Be supportive and be on their team with the aim of helping and protecting them from themselves. Also, I try and remind my husband of the amazing things he did and accomplished without adderall.  Adderall sucks....
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I completely agree. My husband is finally coming off the stuff for good. It made him paranoid, depressed, not able to think clearly. He wanted to drink like a fish on it, he smoked like a chimney. He virtuallly abandoned our marriage. I threatened to leave him for good and he is now coming off of it (also his friends commented that he acted like a jerk on the stuff) . I know this will be hard because I used to take it too. But I became a shell of my former self on it. It's hard because you are depressed for the first few months coming off of it, not to mention the lethargy. But now that I'm in the clear I will never,ever take the stuff again. Maybe it helps you concentrate but the side effects start multiplying and I truly think this is a drug all should avoid.
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Well I have a pretty high tolerance to it now, 30mg XR isn't noticeable for me any more, neither is 10-20mg IR... That's most days, some days it does work like it should, but probably 5/7 days of the week, I don't notice taking after taking it - kinda like I didn't take it at all.  

And raising the dose any higher would be extremely dangerous, 30mg is already very high.  So I'm not sure about it.  The naturopathic MD I'm seeing is doing a good job at finding the underlying cause of the ADD (I also have sleep problems, anxiety, fatigue, etc.).  

About the paranoia - I really don't have much of it anymore... I really don't know why but it could be a number of things.  I had a very deep conversation with a good buddy about paranoia and that seemed to give me a better mindset on the whole thing, along with just thinking about it (and the points he brought up) and rationalizing.  "Rationalizing" happens for anyone with paranoia, I'd assume, but for me it seemed like no matter how many times I could convince myself against these thoughts, when the "trigger" would occur, it would completely overpower any other thoughts.  I think that paranoia is literally a de-rationalization, in that you don't use logic or intuition to consider the outcomes or probabilities of a situation.  The things that helped me somewhat get over it were:  realizing that there was no danger in a certain area (and thinking about WHAT the dangers are), that nobody was "out to get me", and considering the ratio of: how many times I've thought that something was going to happen vs. how many times it actually has.

I wouldn't say my paranoia has completely gone away, but it's definitely lessened.  I should probably mention that the conversation with my friend was while we were both on psilocybin mushrooms, and that weekend was full of drug-induced revelations and insight.  Although I don't think these were necessarily false, even though it was drug-induced.  It was after this weekend that the paranoia started to diminish.  

No, lol, I'm not recommending that you go out and buy shrooms to get rid of paranoia - I'm just saying this is what did it for me.  Most likely because my friend knows when I'm feeling paranoid (it's very obvious), so he was able to relate with how I felt.  Also, it appears that some of the thoughts are because of traumatic events in the past, for example, I don't feel safe in certain places/around certain people because me and a friend were jumped (not hurt, but it wasn't a beneficial experience to say the least).

I think it can realistically be handled just by counseling (not with a doctor/counselor necessarily, maybe with a wife, family member, friend, or yourself).  As long as there are some key points/thoughts pertaining only to the "triggers" of paranoia attacks/panic attacks/anxiety attacks.  However identifying the triggers may be tough for somebody to do because they often can trigger such emotions just when thinking about them.  But once you find them (maybe even write down a list), go over them one by one and really think about it.... It should be a pretty instant clarification that there is NO threat/danger and that these thoughts are merely delusions.  

For the wives suffering on here, I'm only 17 but I understand what you're going through.  If your husband is comfortable enough, I think you should take some time to sit down, relax, and discuss his deep thoughts - after all, you're his wife, the one person in the world that he CAN trust to be safe.  Again, these triggers are very deep in the psyche, and he may not even be able to realize them in a normal state of mind... Some are only brought up in the mind when they get "set off" but don't attempt to do that.  

I have no doubt that amphetamines can easily cause paranoia, AND PLEASE, do not smoke weed if you're on any type of amphetamine (Adderall, Dexedrine, Desoxyn, generics of those, etc.) ---- I've noticed that marijuana is the WORST contribution to paranoid feelings.  It only amplifies it to a psychotic level.  

Hopefully after my doctor figures out the problem (tests are pointing to hyperthyroidism - a known cause of ADD not ADHD - which I have), I won't need the Adderall anymore.  And with my tolerance level rapidly increasing, I'm considering going back onto Ritalin/methylphenidate.  Adderall... I'll honestly admit, does give you a high.  Pretty similar to cocaine as a matter of fact, my friend used to be a cokehead and told me that high doses of adderall feels almost as good as coke.  It's tough to describe, but euphoric/optimistic would be two words that sum it up quite well.  And I think we all know where euphoric drugs lead to...
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I been taking adhd meds most of my life.. although my life did change when i started taking aderall.. i got hooked to it.. abused it.. it wasnt even a years periode that i went insane from the abuse. because of it i have developed.. Extreame paranoia, breife phycotic episodes, sever social anxiety or social phobia. I show signs of skitzophrenia, halucinations and mild delusions.. i lost almost all my friends.. and my mind feels forever wrecked.. I used to have alot of friends.. i used to not be so paranoide and skitzy.. i think about killing myself because of what has happend and it seems to get no better.. i think this medication should not be used.. because i tend to find many other people who develope these problems from using it.. I hope things get better.... i hope things get better.
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Yes Adderall can cause the symptoms or paranoia. Amphetamine psychosis as mentioned above. I know this thread is old.. but the WORST thing you could do is have a gun in your hand or a weapon. Do not do it ! My best friend was shot and killed and after that I felt that having a knife around in case someone tried to harm me with a weapon would be a good idea. It almost caught me a felony charge and it wasn't even on me, it was in my glove compartment. Thats just one example.
One thing that helps is taking deep breathes.
Another is realizing that everything you are thinking is all inside your head. If you need to, call someone, get yourself focused on something outside your own thoughts.
Smoking tobacco will increase paranoia and so can other drugs.
Best thing you can do in my opinion is call the doctor first thing, emergency line if you have to. If you know adderall is the problem tell the doctor, they will most likely tell you to not take it or reduce the dosage until they see you to adjust the dosage to what you need or to give you further instructions on how to take the medication so the side effects are reduced.
Taking adderall on an empty stomach increases side effects of this type.
Having caffiene like coffee is a huge mistake. This can definetly cause paranoia issues.
I hope this helps anyone having these problems. I am a psychology major at a university, but I am not a doctor. Talk to your doctor when you have problems like this.
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