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Can adult ADD get worse?

Is it possible for adult ADD to get worse over time? I have been taking medication on a daily basis for the past few years but have just recently noticed that its no longer as effective.
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I do know that mine has progressively gotten worse as the years have gone by, the last 20 for sure.  I just started medication this past week though.  Maybe it's like pain medication that you have to keep taking more as your body gets used to it?  I hope not.  Have a you tried a different medication?  

I wish we had a separate community for just Adult ADD although we do start out as children I think we deal with different issues and problems?
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You know what, that's a great idea! I think you should bring that up to the MH suggestion forum. I think having a separate forum for adults is a good idea!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I too, was diagnosed with ADD as a child, only they called it something different in the 70's. They called it Minimal Brain Dysfunction. It wasn't till I was an adult and saw my old medical records and saw that and it all made sense. I've never tried medication. I've never seen anyone for it. All I know is it bugs me. I think I get more easily distracted and forgetful as I've gotten older. I can't seem to get organized, either! I hate it.
I'm personally trying natural methods and am always open to trying something new. I've been taking Omega 3's fish oil because I heard that's good for the brain. I also take other vitamins.
It's nice to meet others out there with this. :)
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I almost started crying when I saw this discussion; the years I've tried to manage my Adult ADD without medication have taken such a toll that I recently decided to try once again to seek professional help.  I was diagnosed after extensive testing/consultations with both a psychiatrist and psychologist...but absolutely NO medical doctor has ever told me they believe in the diagnosis - one told me bums in the street are ADD, not intelligent, well-groomed women.

One psychiatrist all but called me a dope addict without even listening to my symptoms or looking at my test results.  He was so rude that I reported him to the major hospital he was associated with and they sent me an apology - but he didn't.  I take NO prescription medication, I am a hardworking 62-year old woman with no criminal history whatsoever - but medical doctors act like I am trying to get amphetimines the minute I say "Adult ADD".

I live in what I would describe as a small city and there are few psychiatrists here to choose from.  The one who diagnosed my ADD closed his private practice a couple of years after I became a patient and went to work at a VA hospital.

I would dearly love to share ideas and experiences with other ADD patients.  I "manage" to portray myself as what I consider a "normal" person but few know what my private life is really like - Sari Solden's "Women with ADD" could literally be the story of my life.  

For the two years I took Adderal, I was happier, calmer, wonderfully more organized and could stay on task - now my personal life, in all honesty, is pitifully frustrating.  I can deal with it but I know it could be much better and maybe reading what others have experienced will give me the courage to try again to find a good psychiatrist.

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