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Can i mix strattera and klonopin to minimize undesirable side effects?

My doctor has me on welubturon 150mg, strattera 25mg and klonopin 1mg. The klonopin for sleep. I love the way the other two make me feel throughout the day. Focused, happy. However, I work for a gym and my physical abilities are very important as they are my job. Ever since I've started the strattera, I'm only able to give about 60% and I still feel flu'ish. Weak, sick, cold sweats. That's not me. They want me to try this for three weeks. Ill lose everything I've worked for in that time. And be miserable without working out. Would taking a klonopin with the strattera in the am help eleviate those symptoms? My pharamist thinks my blood pressure is getting to high. Would a klonopin combat that so I can at least perform at 100%?
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   Because of the way Strattera works, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for it to become effective.  Typically, if you are getting side effects, it may be because your dose of Strattera is too high. This is something that you need to discuss with your doc.
   Any reason you went with Strattera instead of a Methylphenidate type of stim medication?
   No, I would not try klonopin in the morning.  Something like Tenex might be helpful.  Tenex, "Can be given 2 or 3 times/day. May need 1-2 weeks to build up. Helps tics, hyperactivity. Does not cut appetite. Invented to treat high blood pressure. Generic available."
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