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Can one have panic attacks with adhd?

I'm 25 and have had panic attacks since I was little-I am starting to wonder if I also have ADHD or if they are connected somehow. I cannot seem to remember things, or focus on what is going on.  I feel like I have the brain of an eighty year old-it's always been like this, but I am so tired of causing frustration in my relationship because I'm apparently not listening. I really do care and don't mean to be like that! Everything in my life seems half done, I cannot stand being still, my mind feels like it never shuts off,  and ever since I opened my own business a few months ago, it feels like everything has gotten worse. Maybe I'm just stressed. IDK. I can't seem to go to my boyfriend's work parties and focus on conversations I'm supposed to have with people, and it is really embarrassing. I just feel so overwhelmed with all of the people and the noise and I know I probably look dumb. I try making myself focus but it's a little hard.  The crazy thing is, that I have no trouble at all working on music-which is what I do, I'm a musician and really love being a pianist and a music teacher-so I don't get that. I have a family history of anxiety, adhd, depression, and other mental disorders, which kind of freaks me out that I might have ADHD or something else, although I didn't  too bad in school and wasn't a problem kid.  I'm not currently taking medication-I could not deal with the side effects of the ones I tried for anxiety and so far I haven't gone back to try something else.  I've never done drugs in my life and don't drink often, so I'm not sure why I would be like this. I'm wondering if anyone else deals with this as well as panic attacks, and what I should do?
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      I have two relatives, both wonderful, talented musicians and they are totally ADHD.  In fact google famous people with ADHD and you will see having ADHD and being talented is very common.  Its trying to do what you do in the normal life situations with ADD that's driving you nuts.  
     The fact that you did decent in school, weren't a hyperactive problem causing boy, is probably why you didn't get noticed.  The amount of posts I have seen from women on this site with exactly the same complaint is almost mind numbing.  It is very possible that if you are able to ascertain that you have ADD and learn how to cope with it, that the need for meds will not even be there.  And even if you did need them, I know many adults that only use them on an as needed basis (before a big meeting or something).
    Of course all of this revolves around finding out what's going on with you.  You certainly sound like you have all of the typical symptoms of ADD.  I think it would be well worth your time to go to the site totallyadd.com and watch the videos.  I think that you will find them very familiar sounding.  The site is aimed at adults and has a wealth of information that would take me years to type up here.
    Also you might want to read my last post before yours to a person suffering anxiety attacks.  If you have any other questions or need more references of places to get more information, besides what is listed on the medhelp forums, please post.  Best wishes!
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