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Child ADHD

Hello, my 6 year old was recently diagnosed with ADHD. From what I've been reading online, it says there is a strong genetic factor. Nobody in my family has ADHD, so I'm kind of wondering how this came to be. Anyone else in a similar boat?
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First, there is a very strong genetic factor.  But, it doesn't have to be a direct link.  Good ol uncle joe could have been the link.  But, I have seen numerous times where when the child was diagnosed and the parent started researching adhd - they said,  "wait, so that explains why I always acted the way I did."   And ADD or inattentive adhd is very easy to miss by doctors, teachers etc.   So point being, someone in your family could have adhd or add and unless you really know what to look for - you wouldn't know it.  Point being, my brother-in-law has adhd.  I probably knew him for 20 years before I realized he had it.  And, I think that he got it from his father (also my wife's father) who was a brillant Cal Tech scientist.  And nobody would have ever thought his dad had adhd.  Oh, and it can skip generations.  

But really, the point is, it dosen't matter where it came from if its a correct diagnosis (thats a different post), what matters is how to deal with it.  I have tons or resources if you have any questions.  Best wishes.
Thank you for that information. I guess when I really think about it, I've never been hyperactive, but I have always definitely always procrastinated, and I do get distracted when I have to do something I don't want to do. Not sure if that means I have it too.
When my son did his assessment they tested his IQ. His is very smart- should be in a gifted class, but he has a very difficult time getting through work that is not of interest to him.
Any resources you have or tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated. My husband and I are going through this blindly, as we don't really know what we should be doing, or if the discipline fits the crime ect. I'm a little overwhelmed and have been trying to do all the reading I can to learn more about ADHD and strategies to help my son cope.
Oh boy, as I said, there is a ton of stuff out there which I have bookmarked.  So any specific areas you are interested in ...will be easier for me to send you.

Just quickly, since we mentioned adult adhd/add - here are two interesting links on that.  They also contain just a lot of good general overall information.

Since you mentioned, "if the discipline fits the crime."  which is a really, really important concept.  Here is a really good link on that.

  And here are two good links on helping to improve at school and home.

  Finally, while most of these links come from additudemag.  Here is a site with a lot of good overall information on children and adhd.

I know that this can be overwhelming at the start.  But the more that you and your husband can learn, the more that you can help your little guy.

Please feel free to ask for more information.   Best wishes.
hummm, that is interesting the ************ link on fidgeting strategies got bleeped.  
Since I think these strategies are good and could actually help you to....just put thepsychcentral part into the link I gave you above.
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I just saw this.  Its a book aimed at the 5 to 10 year old age group.  Is, "is an appealing and truly useful book for kids with hyperactivity. Children quickly identify with the hyperactive main character and are drawn in by the story and illustrations. Adults will find the advice portion of the book to be a treasure of well-organized tips and suggestions."   More info here
Awesome, thank you!
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Often times it runs through families like it does in mine, but other times it can just be random, I mean the gene has to start somewhere right?
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Thats a very good question.  There does appear to be outside influences that might also lead to adhd symptoms - like pesticides.   But the overwhelming amount does seem to be genetic.  Problem is that it might be the uncle that had it, or a parent that had it and nobody realized it.  Basically as a child if you had adhd before about 1980 ish - unless it was a really hyperactive state of adhd  - it probably was not going to be diagnosed.  If you were an adult with adhd or add in any time before 1980 or even 1990, it was not going to be diagnosed.   So when you say it can be just random......well, it probably was not.  It just was difficult to trace it back.
Thank you. The other issue that has started creeping up here and there is work refusal. His teacher wrote a note yesterday that the last two days he has been refusing to do work. When I asked him about it, it sounded like he got the right answer but had to explain why he picked that answer and he didn't know what to write. He's also been saying that doing school work is boring. He had his IQ tested when he was assessed, and based on those results, we know he is perfectly capable of doing the work, and could be in a gifted class. I feel kind of lost and like I'm failing him as a parent. My husband and I are trying to do the best we can with the knowledge and resources we have.
  Opps, noticed the fidgeting source was blocked.  I'll message that to you as it is a good one.
Kind of sounds like it might be more the teacher that is failing him, then you.  Its probably time to look into a 504 plan.   Here are two links about how to get one started and what to have in the plan.  

   And yes, his schoolwork probably is boring.  One reason that fidgeting strategies help...along with an experienced teacher.  Which reminds me NOW is the time to make sure he gets a good teacher next year.  Ask your teacher if she has recommendations, talk to other parents, and certainly talk with the principal.  You do not want to wait till school starts to do this.
    Hope this helps!
Great, thank you so much!
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