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Child behavior

My son is 11yrs old and has ADHD but I believe is more then ADHD.  Its also his behavior at home.  He doesn't want to do homework and is lazy to write anything on paper.  Has a difficult understanding when he reads.  He gets really upset when he cannot get anything done he answers back with disrespect and screams. Tells me to be quite. I have rules in the house but is not working.  How can I discipline my child?.  .  
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There are some really excellent books on add/adhd for parents that Sandman 2 recommends.  I think you would find them very helpful.  Scroll down through the posts and you should see them or I will send him a note to leave them here for you.  
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   Actually, it really is ADHD and what you are describing are exactly the symptoms someone with ADHD would have.  The fact that you are unaware of this means that your doctor (or someone) has not done a very good job at communicating with you.  This is very sad because a child with ADHD really needs a whole different discipline schedule than a regular child.  They also need a lot more help in school - hopefully he is getting that.
  So since someone has not done a very good job of educating you as to what ADHD is, it is extremely important that you do it yourself - both for you and your son.
  The easiest and most direct book to get a ton of info out of is,  "The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley.  This book will give you not only ways to discipline your child, but more importantly ways to help him in school and life.   I would also recommend that you read through this link on this forum for some fast information.  http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD
  Feel free to post back if you have any other questions.
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If you don't think it is ADD or ADHD. follow your heart .

you have to fight for your child know one else will,so you need to push for test to be done on your son. Make them do blood work and check his brain ,by doing a MRI and a EEG. And any other test you want done that looks like ADD and ADHD.

What ever you do don't put on drugs they have very bad side effects that can lead to death.
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Is the work hard for him, somtimes that can cause kids to get really frustrated and lash out.  Some kids have low frustration thresholds.  It doesn't take much.
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My 6 year old daughter sounds so much like her son. The teacher keeps telling me that her behavior and her school work is not consistent. My daughter also doesn't take well to telling her "no". She is not mean or violent but has a lot of behavior problems. She does not want to play at recess with anyone. She wants to be with the teacher. Her teacher tells me that she can do the work but only with assistance. She is not very mature for her age. The teacher said she acts like a baby alot. She is a very whinny child. She is on medication for ADHD. The doctor tells me that she is not in high school so it  doesn't matter. But I don't want her to fall behind. Can you help me?  
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What grade is your daughter in and what month is her birthday?
   Your doctors response seems a bit out of touch to me.  His he just a general MD?  
I mean it really does matter what is going on now.  By the time a child gets to high school they can be so far behind that they will never catch up.  I have no clue where he is coming from.
    Essentially, you really need to get more information about ADHD.  There is a lot that you can do for your daughter at home and the teachers can do at school.  Does the teacher know that she has been diagnosed with ADHD?  There should be a request for special ed assessment.  You won't get it, but you will get a 504 which will help your daughter a lot.  If this doesn't make a lot of sense to you run out and get the book,  "The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley.  Amazon carries it.  It not only explains what I have just said, but gives you a lot of ways to help her at home and at school.
  If you have anymore questions please start a separate post , I almost missed your question to me.  I would hate to miss any more.
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