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Consulting a HCP about ADHD Rx's

Hello, I have a question regarding the treatment of ADHD. I am going to open an honest. I'm a healthy and active 27 year old male, with no diseases, no medical conditions, no addiction history, do not smoke, drink occasionally, follow a rigorous exercise routine and strict diet, and currently have good overall health. After much research through verified articles, speaking with a HCP within my family, ADHD tests I strongly feel as though I have ADHD. I lack motivation to perform daily activities, lack confidence, get tense around friends, do not complete tasks, have no organization or structure in my life which causes me to be depressed than anxiety. I have had poor performance academically and career wise due to laziness. I procrastinate on basically everything and get upset at myself for my own lack of abilities. This does not happen when I take Adderall, it significantly improves my motivation,confidence, energy and learning capabilities. I completed a post-bacc program of pre-MBA courses with a overall GPA of 3.5, I returned to my undergrad school to finish the remaining credits and also earned a 3.5 whereas previously I left the Uni with a 2.1 GPA. I have many ambitions now that I can have the availability of this Rx durg. It has improved my overall outlook on life and I feel as though I can accomplish anything I want. However there is a slight issue, the times that I received adderall weren't through a Rx and from an acquaintance, I'm ashamed of that but it really did help me. I want to meet with a proper physician and receive a proper Rx, I want to be open and honest with my HCP but I'm afraid that if I tell him truth they will look at me as addict or someone who does not deserve this help due how I previously received the medication. Should I be honest or not tell them about the past? Will this deny me from getting prescribed adderall? I'm really stuck on moving forward with this. Thanks for your help.
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    It is so sad that adults have to go through what you are going through.  You are in a state that should have some pretty up to date doctors.  You just gotta find them.  Find a doctor probably a psychiatrist or psychologist that specializes in adult ADHD and make the appointment.  
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