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Could my daughter have ADD/ADHD?

My daughter is 3 years old. She is a normal child. She does have few minor things that bother me. For instance, I went to have her picture taken  at a studio this weekend and the photographer could not get a good shot because because she would not stay sitting. The photographer suggested that she may have some kind of problem. She also noticed that she repeats herself (words) sometimes.  A mother who was in the waiting area suggested that there was probally nothing wrong with her because she was playing with the other kids fine. She also asked me if she was in school or home all day. ( basically i guess she was saying that she may just be spoiled) And also that if I put her in school she can see how other kids act, because she is with me and mother all day long. She can sit down and watch tv (for hours even)  Sometimes I have to fight with her to get her diaper changed, she is just starting to learn pottytime. I took her to the eye doctor and  she would not really cooperate well with him either. He asked to name the things she saw but she would not answer him. (although at home she will tell you everything) When I take her to the doctor she gets worked up as soon as we walk in the room. And she will cry until the doctor leaves the room. When they give her shots we have to hold her down. My oldest daughter was never like this.  I wonder if these things are personality traits or serious problems. She will be 3 next week. Do you  think there is a problem. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you.

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All the areas where you describe your child's problem behavior are outside the home, where others -- not you-- are in charge, so to speak. Your child may have problems dealing with strangers-- meaning that being around strangers could make her very nervous, and this could make her behave this way. She could also just have a different temperment that your other daughter-- being strong willed vs. complacent (this is good when they grow up, but bad for parents while they are growing up:))
If she can sit down quietly and watch TV for hours, and if she is diong everything else on a normal schedule, I would not worry too much. I would check out some books that discuss anxiety, especially stranger anxiety, within children to see if there are some tips that you could use that might help her feel more comfortable in these situations. Exposing her to more outside the home -- in a safe way-- might be a benefit too, but I am not sure about that part.
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Some people have suggested ADHD for my son (he's only 3 and has not been fully evaluated yet because of his young age), he has problems with others, and acts out when he's in groups with other kids - so I'm not sure its ADHD, I think its more dealing with people.  

Does she play well at the park, or like at an art class or something with other kids.  It would be interesting to see if she's okay in outside situations.  Gradually bring her into larger groups and stuff. I wouldn't worry about ADD, but she probably hasn't been used to strangers or having to do what they want her to do.  So as long as she can sit at home and like color with you for awhile and stuff, I wouldn't worry yet.  If you're really worried you can talk it over with her doctor.
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My son is 2 years and 9 months, I am worried because he is not talking in complete sentences.  I have always thought that is because I speak spanish to my son and my husband speaks english. However, he speaking more english but is not able to carry a conversation. He jabbers a lot. He does let me know what he wants but in one o two words only. I am worried about him. He is a very social and friendly child. What do I need to do to help him talk and communicate with us and others?
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i have a soon to be 3 yr old boy who throws major tantrums when ever he font get his way he'll throw himself on the floor  and scream like hes being hurt (and for up to 3 hours) and lash out and hit his twins sister , me and our dogs and throw things (and hes beeing doing this for like 2 weeks) and  i've tried everything i can think of from time out on the wall to time out in his room to taking his fav things aways to screaming back and nothing works and i'm getting frustrated to the point that when they go to bed i cry

please reply with any advice
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I have a friend and sister who had a similar problem. They both had a 3yr old and younger twins. You have your hands full with just the twins alone, but that may actually be the problem here. My friend and sisters son were acting out exactly like this because he was not getting enough attention. Even if he ended up getting negative attention from his mom it was still attention of some kind. I feel for you! Hopefully your husband is helpful? Can he watch the twins for a bit in the evening so that you have a few minutes with your son. It doesn't have to be long. Just 15 mins.out front bouncing a ball back and forth will be awesome to him.It needs to be totally away from the twins. You will see a big difference! You have to think of it from his point of view. He had mommy all to him self, now there is not just one person taking his place, there are two. Two wks after delivering my second child my 3yr old daughter said,"Ok mommy, can we throw the baby in the trash now?"  It is really tough for the first child to go from all the attention to sharing attention.  Best of luck to you.
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My son started repeating words and has been diagnosed with OCD. I would go online and learn as much as you can about OCD symptoms. It started out with repeating words and then once we educated ourselves on OCD we found there were actually other OCD symptoms that existed too. This is typcially hereditary. You need to see a Neuropsychologist for this. They also diagnose ADD. They deal with brain chemical issues. It is thought that a lack of seratonin is the cause for OCD. If not treated the symptoms will get worse. OCD and ADD are often seen together. The Neuropsych deals with both. Your pediatrian shouldn't handle this. Good luck to you.
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