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DX of TS, ADHD, Seizure Disorder

Our child was diagnosed with ADHD, TS, and Seizure Disorder.  Our child does have facial twitching, shoulder shrugs, and various other things, as well as ADD symptoms like daydreaming in class, not completing assignments, being forgetful, etc.  I could list them all but I'm sure that's really necessary.

They did an EEG and blood work and urine tests to rule out other things such as lead and copper and such.

Can anyone please help to explain all this and why it's so much - or are they all related?
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I wish I knew the answer to why -- I feel for you and your son. Tourettes and ADHD and seizures often go together in people. It is not entirely understood why, but it is believed that they all are caused by brain chemistry differences. With this in mind, it seems to make sense that someone who has different brain chemistry might have various types of differences, and thus various types of symptoms. Has your neurologist given you any information on this?
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First, if your child has seizures I hope they have done an MRI w and w/out contrast? That is a must to rule out serious conditions.  My daughter had them and it was caused by a cyst on her brain found in her MRI.  As far as the Tourettes it actually falls under the OCD umbrella. Does he have other OCD symptoms? My niece, and two of my kids have this and ADHD. It is believed to be a seratonin issue (brain chemical) and often hereditary. He should be put on one of the seratonin meds to relieve these symtoms. These are anxiety meds like Zoloft. My daughters symptoms went away quickly my son need a pretty high dose because his symptoms were more severe. The tricky part in this is the ADHD because the ADHD meds can make OCD symtoms worse! They are stimulants. Try only the seratonin med first. Sometimes ADHD can be solved with only this. You need a good Neuropsychologist here for the Tourettes/ADHD. They are the brain chemical experts. Not a Neurologist. Insist on an MRI w/ your Neurologist though!
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