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Dextroamphetamine Effects


I've been prescribed Dextroamphetamine 5mg, 3 times a day for my ADHD. I've been using it for a couple days now and noticed something weird. When I desolve the tablet in a glass of water, and then drink the water the Dextroamphetamine will start to work much faster, and 2-3 times stronger also my pupils will dilate for a while..But when I just take the tablet orally without desolving it into water, it will work but not so strong and also my pupils dont dilate....Does someone know an answer to this?
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  "Dilated pupils are common with high doses" (Wikipedia).  The pill is meant to dissolve in your stomach.  When you dissolve it in water, it hits your system much faster as you have found out.  If you have trouble taking pills, try using fruit juice as the acid will slow down the uptake.  But in any case talk with your doctor.  There is also "a bubblegum flavored oral solution is available under the brand name ProCentra, manufactured by FSC Pediatrics, which is designed to be an easier method of administration in children who have difficulty swallowing tablets, each 5 mL contains 5 mg dextroamphetamine"  which your doctor could prescribe.
  Hope that helps. If you need any additional resources for things like AD/HD or have any other questions - please post!  Best wishes.
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Reading up on this, I believe there's a whole list of things that affect the effectiveness of the drug. I particularly remember something about bases and acids, one promotes its absorption and another hinders it. Water must be having some effect, read up on it.
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