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Diagnosing ADD... and is it worth it?


First of all, I feel I should explain that I don't know for certain whether or not I have ADD - and I hope I'm not belittling it by posting here, because that's really not my intention.

It's something I've thought about quite a bit, and indeed others have mentioned it to me in the past as well, whether or not I have ADD, I've done some research and seem to fit the symptoms, but not for the hyperactivity thing, although they don't seem mutually exclusive?


For example, using these symptoms from Wikipedia, I match pretty much all of them:

    * Be easily distracted, miss details, forget things, and frequently switch from one activity to another
    * Have difficulty focusing on one thing

I can't just do something at once. Like I can't work without listening to music or having the TV on, and likewise I can't just sit down watch TV or a film without something else to keep me occupied too.

    * Become bored with a task after only a few minutes, unless they are doing something enjoyable

Guess this is a procrastination thing which I am utterly awful for. Also the enjoyable thing, I'm now at the point where I just won't go to a pub, club or bar because all it takes is a 10 second lull for me to completely lose attention, get bored and want to go home.

    * Have difficulty focusing attention on organizing and completing a task or learning something new

I'm generally okay at organising... but I think that's because I absolutely have to do it, or else I forget everything.

    * Have trouble completing or turning in homework assignments, often losing things (e.g., pencils, toys, assignments) needed to complete tasks or activities

I'm always forgetting/losing important information and that needed at work.

    * Not seem to listen when spoken to

A very serious issue for me, to the point that I can actually ask someone a question, not listen to a word they say, have to ask them to repeat it, and still not be able to listen, even if I initiated the conversation...

    * Daydream, become easily confused, and move slowly
    * Have difficulty processing information as quickly and accurately as others
    * Struggle to follow instructions.

Yes, I put this down to being a bit stupid at times, but I fit all of these too.


... with that in mind, does it sound like I may be affected by ADD, or am I just using it as a possible excuse for some of my shortcomings?


Also, is it something you would generally get diagnosed by your GP, and if so is there even really a lot they can do? I know there are meds available, but I guess I'd have to do some research on them and their sides if I'm actually diagnosed as such.

Thanks for reading this, and replies would be very gratefully received, thanks!
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Umm, how do I edit my post please? The quotes from Wikipedia made my post super long, to the point I'd look at it, think there's no way I'm reading that... and I'm sure everyone else will think the same too.

Bloody hell, heh :(
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1092368 tn?1257778502
Hey dude, I'm not sure whats your age, but I'm pretty much the same... I'm diagnosed with ADD but I'm not hyperactive either! All your symptoms are the same for me... I'm a first year psycholgy student, and you know what, it helps quite a lot to do some research (even if its posting on this website) (I'm quite new I might add)...
Anyway, to get to the point, go see a psychiatrist... GP's claim that they know about psychology, but they only touch the surface of it really... I passed my matric year by general knowledge only, but in my 1st year the affects of ADD really came through... I'm on Ritalin 30mg Long Acting (LA) and I really have no side affects from it, except for the loss of appetite... There is a various number of drugs that can be used though... Haha, o.k my sad story can continue on and on.. but anyway, use ADD to your benifit... See the light side of things... Some times its good to "forget things" (i should know)
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Sorry, forget the "dude" in the beginning, didnt see you were a girl! (Did not mean to offend you in any way) :) :) :)
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Kind of hard to tell from your profile or posts what you are - not that it matters (but you might want to click on your profile and check it and your posts out.

To answer your question.  I really think it does matter!  Basically there are people witth ADHD who have gone through a lot of their life feeling that something was wrong with them and that they were different. This may have led to the depression that a lot of them have suffered. The main thing is that you can't deal with something if you don't know what it is. Once their problem ADHD was finally identified, they could get the information (and sometimes, but not always, the meds) to help them deal with it.  Even if you don't have ADHD (although the symptoms sure lean that way), it means that a whole different approach could be taken.
   Dawie is correct.  Do not go to your GP for this.  Find a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD.
   Finally, take some time to go through some of the posts on this web site.  I don't think you will be bored and you may find some familar stories.
  Good Luck
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Haha, I'm not a girl! No idea why it said that sorry, so no worries dude :D

Great post thanks. Agreed that looking around on the web and here has already been quite useful! It's nice to know what... well, if indeed I do have ADD as I suspect, that there's a reason that I'm like I am. Don't know if that makes sense or not, heh.

Seeing a psychiatrist sounds like it could be a good idea - it was something I thought about doing a little while ago but never got around to it really. Will need to look into it further, but I have a feeling it's going to be very much worth my while to do so.

Just looked up Ritalin... seems like some pretty heavy stuff from some of the info on it! But obviously you have to add up the pros and cons and I imagine the pros far outweigh them, so it's well worth it.

I like that last bit too btw, and yup I do that haha - I swear I have that exact same shirt/tie combo you have in your pic btw! Though I doubt you have a Burtons store in SA lol.
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Another great post thanks, and yeah I think seeing a psychiatrist could be a really great help, and I'll continue looking through the stuff on the web and posted on here too as it's interesting to hear of the different ways it can effect people and how they overcome it.

Good spot on umm... that by the way, thank god for the anonymity of the internet huh! Haha.
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Do you find yourself easily embarrassed or the other way around? Do you get offended pretty easy or not at all?
Are you black and white or all shades of grey?
Do you hyperfocus on things that are of interest to you? Do you drink to excess, take drugs to excess or do anything else to excess?
When talking to someone, what is that distracts you? Are you just shallow or does something catch your eye and lose focus on the person speaking?
If the person speaking is talking about something that you are interested in, do you still get distracted or try and hog the conversation?
Are you the life of the party or do you sit in the corner and watch others interact?
What bores you about a pub? Is is the people, the conversations, or the lack of either?
What interests you? Do you have one particular thing you do best and therefore do a lot of? Or are you a jack of all trades?

These are all part of being ADHD. With or without the Hyperactivity, we all struggle with some parts of our life more than others. Getting help requires someone with knowledge of ADHD and how to address life skills as well as medication. This is not something that can be "fixed" by taking a pill. In some cases, taking the meds can have adverse reactions and for some people, they go through several types of meds until they figure out the right combo that works for them. And this process can be troublesome for people like me who are hyper sensitive to things like foods and medications.

Although you may have some of the symptoms, there are many co-morbidity conditions that some of us have as well. For me I'm a bit OCD with my organization like you because I've learned that if I don't organize I can't find things. But don't mess with where I put something or I'll come unglued when I can't find it. I also have issues with dust, spiders, and being on time. I have anxieties to some sounds like snoring and the train that runs through our town. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone ever gets used to the darn thing laying on the horn three times for the three crossings in town. It's plain annoying and no one will ever get me to live in town, ever!

I also have a thing about matching my clothes. It's all about color coordination and my closet is organized by color and style as well. Put a shirt in the wrong place and I have to redo it... I drive my hubby crazy and so have had to give him his own closet and drawers to which I am not allowed to organize at all. As long as it's not in my room, then I can live with it.

I also can't stand to have tags in my clothes. They itch, they scratch and I don't like the idea that I'm judged by what the size says on my clothes. Pretty petty I'm sure, but oh well, it's just a me thing.

And as far as writing a long post, well I don't know many who have me beat. I can ramble on and on and not really say a word. Or so it may appear. But most of the time I just want to let people know that it's ok to be different and that you are not alone with this disorder.
No one is perfect and those of us with ADHD have perfected that to a tee!
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ADD is not always coupled with hyperactivity. Getting diagnosed and treated can really turn your life around.

May as well try.
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I read a book entitiled as soul healing. the authour narrates a case of AADD (adult attention Deficiency disorder). The patient is regressed to previous life by hypno therapy and identify the trauma. This trauma is causing him AADD. After knowing the details of trauma, the patient improved fast.
The author also comments that using ,meds, makes patients depressed and quality of life does not improve.
In any case evaluation by a psychiatrist is the right preocedure.Self treatment or self diagnosis may complicate the issue.
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