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Diet Control

I have heard from several people who have kids who have ADHD without or, with ODD, as our son does, that there are ways to control it and/or cope with it in that child through diet.  Has anyone heard of this and/or does anyone know what that diet might consist of or avoid to better manage the child's moods and limit their stressors or anxieties?
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I know that sugar is a no no. Anything with gluten (potatoes,bread,etc) really messes ME up...and I don't have celiac disease.
Some food coloring...yellow,red and blue seem to do it for some people.
I can't have chocolate or coffee either...
What you need to do with his diet is eliminate things first.
Take away apples for 2 days...see what happens. Write it down.
Then take away hamburger for 2 days,write down the results.
After awhile you will know what affects your son.
I know there is a diet that they claim everyone should follow,but it doesn't work for everyone...I know it's on line somewhere...but I can't remember where...sorry.
Try typing in ADHD or ADD diet.  www.toronto4kids.com may be of help.
They claim that certain vitamins and herbs work too.
I have ADD...I've tried the elimination diet.
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I have taken my son off of food dyes, it's challenging, but we have to avoid a lot of candies, but they aren't good for you ANYHOW!!  There is a diet called the Feingold diet, you can look taht up online.   My son seems to do okay with chocolate.  His main issues are his behaviors at school and school only.  Other places he seems to be okay.  Even at drop in childcare centers, after school care, karate, etc.
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I have found that sugar is terrible and that a multivitamin with iron and at least 12.5mg of zinc is essential.  More on that here:  http://www.primarilyinattentiveadd.com/2010/02/attention-disorders-and-diet.html

If he is not taking Omega-3, I would add a supplement of Omega-3 as well.

Good luck!!
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Some say Magnesium helps too. It does have calming effects on the muscles.
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hello I am an adhd OCD, Anxiety,Panic Disorder, and depressed adult male 35+ years in age with no history of drug abuse of any kind. I was diagnosed as a child and adult. First of all id like to say that adhd people are very intelligent, empathetic and high sensory level that is astonishing. Smiles: )  I am sorry for what you are going thru but i am here to let you know that there is a way out. Thru my suffering and anguish i have learned quite a bit about this "disorder" but there are some important elements that you need to inquire about before considering medical drugs. I have been prescribed several but do not take any. Food supplementation and vitamin supplementation has adjusted my pyche and mental challenges.PLease understand that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but can only relay my personal experiences. Anything you try should be consulted with your physician or nutrionist/health care provider first and foremost. adhd is a deficiency. it parallels serotnin deficiency...dont believe me look it up the symptoms for serotnin deficiency are almost identical... low serotonin levels affect your entire being in mood, sleep,anxiety,fight flight,panic,phobia,depression. What affected me was diet as in incorrect nutrients calcium+magnesium+zinc along with correct b vitamins,multivitamin and occasional fish oil. You need these nutrients in order for proper brain function to work. These are the least of basic adhd nutrients that every adhd er should look into before going on meds.. Things began to clear up for me over time 1-3 months. Everything shifted for me ..my adrenalin and temper was in check i can control it now and it doesnt control me ..my sugar cravings have gone and i only eat refined sugars when i feel the need
...yes you heard that right I EAT SUGAR WHEN I FEEL THE NEED. what was most amazing is that i am no longer restless and my tics have stopped i can actually sit still now with out rocking my legs or piddling around and even have patience with people plus not interrupting them before they finish. If you study the deficiencies of serotonin,magnesium,calcium, vitamin b, tryptophan and a few other herbs that im not going to discuss here (because they can have dangerous interactions with other adhd meds if you supplement them togethor)but im sure youll hear about them when you look up these deficiencies. You will find the key to keep adhd in check and easily... search terms i used "seratonin and adhd" "magnesium calcium zinc adhd"
What the us government has discovered:





as for the sugar let them have it they are only relieving their adhd symptoms sugar raises blood sugar levels which temporarily shoots seratonin to the brain its short livd release..like a person inthe desert who needs water after a 20 hr hike with  no water..or diabeitc who is need of their insulin...explains the carb cravings and sugar cravings no ? lol yeah I usually have mine between 3-6pm plus it supplies energy for our overworked brains. but try to use healthy simple sugars such as fruit..candy try not to again CHECK WITH YOUR NUTRIONIST/PEDS


exercise is the most natural detoxifier the human body has and needs to be done for optimal brain health...get the stuff goin in there lol


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Hey...I just thought of something after reading  metamorphisis007 post.
I had a baby 10 months ago...the whole time that I was pregnant my ADD was totally under control.
I ate lots of avocado...but most importantly...I took lots of vitamins. Folic acid,magnesium,calcium,zinc...all doses higher than what non pregnant people would normally take.

I think he has a point there.
None of those prescription drugs ever did anything for me...except cause lack of sleep, and more anxiety/panixc.
Thanks meta!
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Here is a bit more clarification on sugar on my recent post supported by clinical adhd sugar testing..
Sugar. The idea that refined sugar causes ADHD or makes symptoms worse is popular, but more research discounts this theory than supports it. In one study, researchers gave children foods containing either sugar or a sugar substitute every other day. The children who received sugar showed no different behavior or learning capabilities than those who received the sugar substitute.8 Another study in which children were given higher than average amounts of sugar or sugar substitutes showed similar results.

In another study, children who were considered sugar-sensitive by their mothers were given the sugar substitute aspartame, also known as Nutrasweet. Although all the children got aspartame, half their mothers were told their children were given sugar, and the other half were told their children were given aspartame. The mothers who thought their children had gotten sugar rated them as more hyperactive than the other children and were more critical of their behavior, compared to mothers who thought their children received aspartame.
Bottom line sugar will make anyone hyperactive adhd or not...so considering giving it to them will be best in regards to teeth and hyperactivity along with low blood sugar levels.
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I am very glad to read that you didn't give in and use drugs that can hurt you with bad side effect to help you deal with your ADD. I only wish every one would do the same.

I was just thinking the other day about adding another Vitamin to what my son takes for Vitamins already. And even with him taken Vitamin B6  Omega 3-6-9 has helped him call down and learn better.   Now if they would help his seizures in time that would be great.  

Thank you again.
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