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Do I show symptoms of ADD?

I'm a fourteen year old girl, and ever since o can remember, I've n bed been good at concentrating. Even with small tasks, like getting dressed, I often get distracted and end up doing something completely different, without even finishing dressing. I find it impossible to concentrate on anything I find boring. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get my brain to focus on it. I usually just end up thinking more about focusing than actually focus ing and end up daydreaming. I've always had a problem with fidgeting. I can't sit down without jiggling my leg, or tapping my pencil. I move around in my seat so much that I get told off, at home and at school.
Whenever I start a new hobby, I can't seem to do it for more than a few months without it becoming a chore. Even if I chose to do it, and I previously loved it. With drawing, writing, playing the violin, and horseriding, it's always been the same story.
It's starting to have a negative effect on my grades too, and I and up interrupting studying or revision with pointless tasks. Even when I know that the exam is important, I get unbelievably bored.
It's also impacting my social life. I can't concentrate on a conversation and usually end up in my own world. People think that I'm rude, even though I want more than anything to focus on what they're saying, but I just can't.
Is this ADD? If it isn't, what could it be? And how do I cope with it? Thanks.
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  check out this post and our answers as it is very much related to what you are going through.  the links I gave in the post should answer a lot of your questions.   You certainly are not the only one who has gone through this and it is something that you do not want to go through alone.

    How to cope with it starts out by finding exactly what it is.  I have a lot of links that deal with ways to cope if it is ADD (sure sounds like it is).  Let me know what else you are especially interested in.   You might also talk with your school counselor.  Many times they are experienced in helping students with the same problem (and, of course, sometimes they are totally clueless)
   Hope this helps.   Keep in touch.
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       This just came out.  I think you might find it very helpful.  It's "how to talk to your parents about adhd"
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Thank you very much! It's so good to know that there are people that can help. I'll be taking to someone about it as soon as possible!
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Well, hi. You know, I have add too. And it's really nice if you realize or concern something is different in your behaviours, etc. It really is. I'm 15 years old and I've been using medication since 6th grade. Mom realized it first and take me to the doctor. Here is my suggestion:
The best thing to do is to talk with family. Be strong!
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