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Does everyone have add?

After living with ADHD for 7 years I told my BFF about it. She began telling it doesn't exist and everyone has it. She asked me if I was in meds I said no. I can't take meds because I'm also bipolar and it causes manic stuff. I didn't tell her about the bipolar. Is ADHD really something everyone has or did she just make that up?
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Hi Via_Michele,  Your friend sounds very uneducated about ADHD.  Years and years ago it was not recognized - children especially were tagged as 'trouble makers', not paying attention, restless, bad, etc.
  It has since been recognized as 'ADHD' or 'ADD', and is very real.  It's also common to have/be ADHD along with bipolar, depression, etc.
   And no, everyone does NOT have it.  Perhaps she was trying to make you feel better, like 'you're not alone'?  Giving her the benefit of doubt...
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  Kind of weird.  How can it not exist if everyone has it?  I know that there are some groups that (usually religious) that don't believe it exists.  But never heard them say everyone has it.
   Anyway, here is a link to a site that has the statistical information you need if you care to give her more accurate info.   http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/statistics
   And by the way, they now have some non stim meds that can help ) ADHD and I believe don't have the "manic" side effects.
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ADD/ADHD is just a name given by doctors to patients that fit the criteria of the diagnostic manual's characteristics of inattention/lack of focus with or w/o hyperactivity. Someone doctors actually use a questionnaire to determine whether or not the characteristics are everlasting throughout your life or just situational.

So it's just like asking does everyone experience memory loss? It varies to a degree and in order to be prescribed stimulant medication you just complain of those symptoms and possibly take a questionnaire to prove such claim.

ADD/ADHD is just a name. It used to be called minimal brain dysfunction.
It's a name for doctors, it's a name for lawyers, it's a name for the pharmaceutical business people.
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     Thats true I guess, just like polio, or ovarian cancer, or atrial flutter.  Its just a name that fits a specific criteria.
     However, while adults who claim to have ADHD might take a questionaire - kids do not.  The symptoms must be in at least two different settings and 6 or the 9 (I believe) symptoms must be present.  Teachers and parents who know the child would or should take the questionnaire.
   And a lot of things used to be called minimal brain dysfunction.  Then the science got a lot better.
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