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Does my 3 year old have ADHD?

My daughter is a sweet three year old.  When she was about one and a half we had her tested for speech and special ed in order to qualify her for speech therapy through Early Intervention which is free in NY state.  They have to test in two areas, so Special Ed is usually one of them.  Let me say that her older sisters, 5 & 7 also had speech therapy and I believe exhibit no symptoms of ADHD, and neither myself nor my husband have it.  She didn't do too well on the special ed portion, which came as a surprise and was retested again a few months ago right before she turned 3.  She doesn't do well cognitively, but her expressive was so good she didn't qualify.  She has had some incidents in playgroup where she once scratched and once bit the same boy on 2 separate occasions.  She is a little impatient but she does not have problems with other kids, can sit and color/read/play for extended periods of time, gets along great with many other children and her siblings including one younger sister who is 1, sleeps through the night in a bed, is fully toilet trained.  And yet her teachers (albeit a 17 year old assitant with an ADHD brother and her 21 year old assistant cousin, and her aunt who is the main teacher who had 11 kids of her own, many grandchildren and decades of experience) keep telling me to have her tested.  She is not a bad kid at home.  Yes, she has more energy and is facinated by everything.  She can't sit at the dinner table too long, but she finishes her food and she is not violent ever.  What should I do?  Where can I get her tested?
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By your explanation of your daughter, I would imagine she is fine.  That being said though, I would have her tested.  It will satisfy the teachers and it can't hurt.  If the main teacher has decades of experience and she is someone whose opinion you trust, she may see something you don't.     Your peds dr should do a thorough eval or send you to someone who can.  Even get a couple of opinions, then the subject can be dropped.
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