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Does my daughter have ADHD?

I have a 3 yr old daughter, she has a big attitude, when told NO she throws a fit, screams, and sometimes will throw things, beat on the door when told to go play in her room, I have a big issues with putting her on timeout she acts out a lot when in timeout,  She will jump up and down and whine,She  whines instead of using her words. She has a big problem listening when asked to do something, and even at bath time she whines about everything. I don't know if ADHD is hereditary Because i had ADHD when i was a child
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Itmay be a good idea not to feed into it, perhaps she does it more if it gets her attention, focus obn her positive side, so next time she starts to whine say nothing just let her do it to herself, make sure she has plenty to do and you do give her attention and Games, if Dad is around maybe get him involved with some outside activities and walks.
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Yes, ADHD is hereditary, but that only means your child might have it.  This sounds like some pretty typical "terrible 3's" behavior.   Your daughter has enough intelligence to figure out what works for her - so that's what she does.  She will continue to do this until it no longer works for her.  Besides looking into some good child behavior books, you also might try posting in the child behavior forum.  Margypops also had some very good ideas.
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