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Enlarged Heart/worried MOM

My 10 year old son is both ADD and LD.  He was on Aderall for about 1 year, until it was taken off the shelves.  Since then he has been on Strattera and Concerta.  Although he suffered from most of the general side effects, the good the meds were doing was worth it.
Our family GP recently did an EKG on him, and has discovered an irregular sinus rythem, and want him to have an Ultra Sound.  Her worry is an Enlarged Ventricle.
All of the ADD meds tell you to let your Dr. know if heart problems are present before taking them, but they do not admit to causing any.
Does any one have anything to share with me about it?
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I took my son, who is on concerta and only 8yrs old, to have an EKG on Friday, and I was told that the results were abnormal, and that I had to take him to see a Pedi Cardiologist.  He thinks that one side of of my son's heart might be enlarged, and believes that it can be resolved by taking him off the concerta.  I have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow.  
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