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Everyone hates me I don't have friend you guys don't love me ".

My younger sister who is 10 has always being so hard to control .. I remember when she was a baby she would cry she didn't wanna sit on her car seat , she didn't wanna shower , she'll throw fits in the store .. I am older then her so I had a boyfriend when she was 6. We would invite him over and he would see how she would never listen will tell her " please pick up your toys " please don't do that " etc but she'll always cry for EVERYTHING my boyfriend at the time would tell me and even friends would tell me " I think your little sister might have ADHD or she needs help" I told my mom about it and well like any other parents .. she didn't wanna look into it and said her child was fine and didn't need help .. my sister started school and she didn't wanna do her HW will try helping her and doing it with her and she'll cry until we tell her that it was fine not to do her hw witch w should do but she'll cry and cry like if someone was beating her up when all we said was " you have to do your hw". my stepdad tried to disapline her but seems like she doesn't understand .. now she's 10 years old and she's still the same .. even worst , she's always complaining she'll cry so she won't do her hw , not to clean , not to pick up after herself , she will say it wasn't her when it was and blame someone else and start to try to manipulate us by dying we don't love her , and her friends don't love her and says she doesn't have friends because of us and her caramel color skin , and because she doesn't have clothes like her friends ( pink, Hollister etc ) the point of this is , we don't know what to do when we tried to disapline her she yells at my mom and tells her that my mom can't yell at her because that's child abuse ?. Like we know it isn't but she goes off !. She'll say she'll call the cops an we tell her we'll do it our selves because we ain't doing nothing .. I honestly keep thinking she needs help and medications ... because talking nicely , disapline and buying her stuff to calm her down doesn't help she'll go right back to how she was and act like we have never tried to please her . Please if any of this sounds like ADHD or anything else or self esteem problems please comment I really wanna help my little sister and mom so she won't be like that anymore . Thanks !.
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Well, the first thing to do is to try and figure out what is the cause of this.  If it is something like ADHD, the school should be able to help.  All your mom has to do is to request in writing to have her tested.  Or, talk to her teacher and have the teacher do the request.

Now, could it be ADHD?  She does have many of the symptoms.  Here is a good link describing the symptoms of ADHD.

   Its also possible that she could have a learning disability which is kind of normal for kids with ADHD, so she should also be tested for that.

   And she also has some symptoms for Sensory Processing Disorder.   Here is a link for that.

   I hope this gives you enough information to start getting her some help.  I do have more links of working with kids with ADHD, if that proves to be the problem
   Best wishes.
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