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Exercise for ADHD/PTSD management

Exercise has been extremely effective at managing my symptoms, but I was told that I am not allowed to do so in my apartment during reasonable daytime hours. The tenant below me finds it 'annoying' because of the noise. I know people are able to get medical statements to have pets as companions for their wellbeing. Is it possible to get one for exercise? I am not trying to create any problems, but I recently had a relapse due to a heavy work and school load. It took me three days to realize that I was flashing back which is incredibly scary. I had an extremely hard time completing my assignments and I am too close to obtaining my bachelors to fail now. I am being medicated for ADHD, but I do not want to resort to any more medications when it's not necessary.    
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A really interesting question!   Obviously, doctors do recommend exercise as therapy after operations, etc.  And, you are correct in that exercise has been proven to release serotonin (if I remember correctly).   So its possible that you could find a doc willing to write a recommendation for exercise.  But not sure if that would really help you with your landlord.
   Do you have access to exercise facilities through your school?  That might be the cheapest route to go.  Gyms do get expensive, but it would be worth the money.   I know I find that using a precore (?sp) machine - after a warmup- and then do 30 second bursts of full out movement at a high tension followed by 90 seconds of rest and then repeating till I am exhausted (usually about 5 to 8 sets) results in some amazing results in under 20 minutes.  And I think that an exercise bike would give similar results.
    What are you doing in the apartment that makes so much noise?  Can you get a pad to soften the noise?
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When my first two kiddies were toddlers, they ran around all day and we all know that 'the patter of little feet" are more like thuds. Two nurses lived below us and they worked the night shift. My kiddies were disturbing their sleep. I moved a heavy carpet into the room they played in. Everyone was happy. Your neighbors have needs as well as you. There is a simple solution out there.
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I am not trying to be defensive, but I am very frustrated by you telling me that my neighbors have needs as well. I have and do respect the needs of others. However, I find it a little rash that I am not allowed to carry on with a normal, day time activity at a time when one is supposed to be allowed to make some noise. She does not work the night shift, so I am not disturbing her sleep. For once in my life I am looking out for my needs and I refuse to believe it is selfish. I am being touchy, but you are talking to me as if I am an inconsiderate child and that really touches a sore spot with part of my trauma history- that being the years of emotional abuse my mother subjected me to.

I am taking courses at two regional campuses until next semester so I do not have access to a gym unfortunately. Also, I barely make enough money at my job to support myself and son. I really do not have any extra to spare, nor can I afford to make mistakes at work because I was just promoted to management.

I could very well be irrational right now, but I have been in a dissociative state for well over a week and I can't seem to shake it. It is affecting my education and job to the point where I won't be able to hide it much longer. It is making me physically sick. If I am being irrational, it is because I was doing so good until I had to give up the only thing that worked so effectively. I have no one to rely on. I have no one to bring me back from a flashback. I think I have the right to one hour of exercise, even if it makes some noise.
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   Hey, I completely understand where you are coming from.  And frankly, I really don't care squat about your neighbor.  However, you apartment manager apparently does.  As I said, I don't know if a docs prescription would help you with your landlord - hence my other suggestions.  
   But, I am not the one you want to convince.  Your landlord is the one who you need to talk with.  Even with a prescription, if the landlord chooses to ignore it - you don't have the financial resources to fight that.  That is why I asked you what kind of exercise you are doing.  Nor, did I know that you had a son which makes doing exercise at home probably much more important for you.  And here again, I don't know if your son is small enough to put in one of those 3 wheeled things that you can jog behind, or even if you jog?
    Point being, unless you can convince your manager to change their position - you are going to have to figure out a way to change your routine, the way you exercise, or find a way to muffle the sound.  Sorry, I wish I could help more.  
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I was telling one of my daughters about your problem and she said the same thing had happened to her. The apartment beneath was a small business and the manager told her that the noise of the exercise was disturbing. So they worked out an arrangement - she would not exercise during office hours. It was a little inconvenient for her but it seemed fair. If you cannot reach a compromise with your landlord and the tenant, you might consider renting a ground-floor apartment.
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Well by law, you can make noise till 11 pm but I understand and resect you trying to keep the peace with your neighbor. So, could you and your neighbor maybe figure out a time/schedule for when you can work out and they just have to deal with some noise for a few hours?

For instance, maybe every day from 8 to 10 AM or any other time you want to exercise can be the time your neighbor expects to hear some noise. A few hours of noise is really not a big deal.

Also, if you want, maybe you can buy a carpet like one of the users suggested and also play some light music to help hide of the sound. I think you have the right to do what you want in your apartment and I doubt your working out is causing extremely loud noise.

Keep working out and be healthy!
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