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Fish oil

I have heard that fish oil can help children with ADHD. Has anyone one heard of it or used it? I don't want to put my son on medication I have seen what it does to him.
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Yes I have an also that a Multi- Vitamin with B Complex and antioxicants has the equal efficacy to Ritalin.
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As a follow up, it is great you are going this route and looking for Natural ways to help your child, read some of the other threads, children seem to be put on Drugs to help them do homework and Teachers are recommending after 2 mis- behaviors that children' may"have ADD and AHDD, I am quoting something here written by reputa ble child psychiatrist Eizabeth J. Roberts "Parents and Teachers today seem to believe that any Boy who wriggles in his seat and wilfully defies his Teacher has AHDD Attention Hyperactivity Disorder)
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Do you know where I can buy a children's form of fish oil. My son can't swallow a hard pill. Thank you for you advice.

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I am not certain but I will find out, I will go online and as I have errands to run will ask the local Herbalists. There is so much stuff about this and a lot of Natural Help, there are Forums you can join on Natural Remedies.
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PS   Will he take it in liquid form as I know there is Cod Liver oil it has always been taken on a spoon, it may taste Yucky to him though, possibly they make a kids capsule now.
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There is a ton of stuff online about this, I asked my daughter who lives in England and there is a lot going on there because of the misdiagnosing of children and the part the schools have had in this ,so hopefully a lot of Moms are looking for Natural alternatives,put this into your search engine it tell syou a lot of detail and where to get it.
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I gave my daughter Efalex. please search for this product on the internet. It has strong lemon smell, buat the taste is still yuky.
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Just wanted to let you all know that I found the fish oil in a chewable pill at the Walgreens near me. It is in the spare of a starburst and it has the taste of the orange ones. I started him on them this morning and he loves them. He is taking that and a chewable Vitamin C table. If anyone would like to know about them they are the Dietary Supplement Finest Natural Fish Oil and it 120mg in a chewables. It comes in a bag instead of a bottle. Thank you all for your advice. Please keep him in your prayers that this works and he can start learning like the other kids his age. I will let you all know how it works.

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I just heard that the EPA Omega-3 is preferred for ADHD over the DHA Omega-3.  Does anyone have any info on this?
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Im following this threat would like to find out more about Natural treatment - has anyone tried the Sue Dengate dieet in her book Fedup - and has anyone had good positive outcomes without medication?

I have a 5 year old that the teacher is pushing for Ritalin - he is under the care of a Behavioral Pediatrician - but i don't want to go this route - if push comes to shove i will take him out of the school.

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This teacher should not be pushing for Ritalin it is totaly inappropiate ,Elizabeth J. Roberts a Medical doctor and child psychiatrist states that Mis-informed Teachers ,and , parents using the internet diagnose their children and hurried Doctors are all part of a complex system that drives the currant practise of mis-diagnosing and medicating children.Also stated is that the Food supplement treatment of ADHD may be of equal efficacy to Ritalin, All children and especially those with learning difficulties, benefit from Multiple Vitamin with BComplex and vitamin C and antioxidants, also fish oil.There are many site out there to read regarding this , Breggin.com is one.2 years ago the FDA called for stronger warning labels for stimulant DrugsAdderall, Dexedrine and Concerta and Ritalin/
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IMHO, and please don't take this as me being angry- Read it as light heartedly as possible.

A) I cannot imagine anyone telling me that they can diagnose a 5 year old child with ADHD unless it is so fargone and so obvious that even the parent could tell. If a 5 year old has ADHD you will have no doubt in your mind, and even then I would not medicate a child unless absolutely necessary.

B) Any psychiatrist trying to treat a person struggling with ADHD by replacing Ritalin with fish oil should be evaluated herself. I'm really holding back here. Fish oil? Wasn't so long ago that people poured butter on burns. By all means give them fish oil and maybe it will help in the long run, but please do not allow someone to coerce you into believing that fish oil is better than science. Accupuncture, kinoki foot pads, and intestinal flushes are all a wash and I put fish oil into that group.

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