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Fish Oil

Has anyone seen any positive behavior benefits after your child started taking fish oil? Have you seen any negative effects either?  Does this really help ADHD?
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Yes! Also Flax Seed Oil! These are great for anyone to take regularly. They have the Omega 3's we need, the good fat. It nurishes the brain, helps us to think better, more clearly, helps the skin, hair and joints. There are no bad side effects at all that I've ever heard of. Like I said, we all should take these. It's very good for you!

I have a friend who was very into the natural things and had two boys who had ADHD. She didn't want to give them drugs so she started giving them Flax Seed Oil and swears by it. She swears she saw a difference in their behavior after taking it. I do think it takes awhile though, probably at least 6 weeks or so of consistantly taking it to see a difference. Go to your local health food store and talk to someone there or see if you can pick up a book and educate yourself.
I'm interested in natural remedies too. I was just diagnosed with Crohs and they said fish oil and flax seed oil would be good for me because it coats the intestines. And even better! It doesn't interfere with any medications if you're woried about that. I already checked that out and got the ok from my doctor.
So, I'd say give it a try! It can't hurt and you may really like the benefits you get from it. Best wishes.
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Thank you, we have tried so many meds without much luck so now we are going to try fish oil along with the ritalin, clonidine, and risperdal that he is already on. I will announce it to the world if it works. I am very glad to hear that it worked for your friend's kids. I now have hope again.
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Actually it was the flax seed oil that my friend used but fish oil is good too. Good luck!
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You can get flaxseed and fish oil combined for kids, and fruit flavoured too! I noticed a difference in my 20mo boy after 4 weeks. And that was when he was on only fish oil (I now give him the mixture). I have heard nothing but good things from other parents and family experiencing autism issues with their kids too. My doc said that because it was not scientiffically proven that it was a waste of money, but I am not going to let up on this one, it is worth every penny!
The fact that he actually looks at me now when I talk to him fills me with much hope and many happy tears, because that means he can focus on learning. He is now attempting to talk, whereas he was silent before..
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