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Fish oils for ADD/ADHD

Has anyone tried Fish Oil supplements as a treatment for ADD/ADHD with any success?
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Yes, we tried for more than 2 years, with no noticible difference.

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Hi my daughter as not been diagnosed with adhd but she is very hyper, she is also very behind at school to do with concentration, she is due to go into year 2 in Sept and can write a few words mainly names of the family like her younger sister, mum dad she does get mixed up with similar letters ie b, d writes some letters back to front. She can count to 20 but still gets mixed up writing numbers after 10. She was a late speaker but i never pushed for speech therapy. In fact i have never pushed for anything but now i am concerned as i think she is still at reception level. She recognises a few key words when reading but that is it. She does small group work, i will have a word with her new teacher when she goes back and see what they say. But i tried her with omega 3 capsules they did work on her concentration levels better and i did see a slight difference in her behaviour. So they did work for Melissa. I would try them out and if they work then brilliant. Go for it. Sharon x
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