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Food affects ADHD

This isnt so much as a question, but, maybe it may help others..

My son was diagnosed in 1983 with Hyperactivity dis..ADHD..and boy, was he manic..he did not sleep for the first 3 1/2 years, 20 min at most..I contacted a person in local paper..I decided I had to try something..so I put my son on a diet..
This diet simple, but, then very expensive..cutting out, all E nos, addictives, preservatives..especially apples-contain a force thats a little like asprin-coupled with me attending a nurture group-through social services..within 2 weeks he was sleeping-I had lost all the 'resources' from my mind, was my fault-
All his foods were completely natural, including toothpaste..and for about 6 months i did this and as said, his behaviour/manicness calmed..now what I am unable to comprehend is that, food suppliers were-back in 80's- suppose to have 'removed' foods that can 'irritate' the brain.. never happened..
He is nearly 30 now, yes still a little manic, he has a son-6 months- whom I feel is portraying signs..oh dear..

My son drinks..cider! we spoke last night and I said are you still drinking cider? Yes he said..well..I reminded him of what happens..and its true, cos, he gets very frustrated, anger at slightest thing..

I truly believe that the foods affeect a lot of children-yes disapline is needed- Bananas,Orange colourings/crisps/fish-fingers/beans/tom sauce. curries etc.,

And I am at a loss as to why governments cannot see it..although, bet its too do with money, because it would knock out a lot of businesses..
Try it..
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