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Has Vyvance(for my adult ADD) caused increased cigerette and alcohal usage in ANYONE besides me??

I have been on Vyvance for about 2 months (50 mg) and I was on adderal one month prior to this.  Granted, I was a smoker b/f I started on my ADD medication(perscribed by a psychiatrist)....but now, ALL I want to do is smoke.  I also crave alcohal more.  I used to just drink about twice a month....now, I wish I had a beer in my hand every evening!!
Why am I looking to these substances to "relax me," if you will.  Could this be a sign that I am not actually ADD OR am I perscribed too much you think?
Can ANYONE relate to these side effects?  Please let me know.  I can't get back to the doctor for another 3 weeks and I certainly don't want to drink and smoke more!!
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Yes, I noticed i drink more alcohol and smoke weed at least 4 times a week to relax me after a long day of doing continuous work, otherwise I feel like I can't come down.

Serious Side Effects and Serious Concerns, but still on Vyvance

I am a 24 year old girl who has tried a number of ADD medicines, including ritalin, adderall, and concerta. Vyvance has been the only ADD medicine I have taken on a regular basis, so I can't accurately desribe the side effects of the others or compare them.

I weigh 118 pounds and was started on 60mg. The first day I took Vyvance I could have sworn I just blew a gram of cocaine (and I would know). The feeling was EXACTLY the same, it was scary. I did notice that it says all over the packaging that people with a former drug addiction should not take the drug, and now I know it's because it feels uncannily similar to the feeling of being on a lot of cocaine. The coming off effects were not as dramatic though.

I was taking the medicine at 9AM and wasn't able to sleep until 3 or 4 so I asked my doctor for a lower dose. BTW when speaking with my doctor, I discovered that Vyvance is made by the same people who make adderall. I am very familiar with pharmaceutical companies and know that when a drug starts to lose its patent, it will play with the doses and molecules to basically create the same drug but file a different patent to protect its rights. Since Vyvance is twice the dose of adderall, I think it is just half as strong which is why you would take twice as much.

Heart: I am scared to death that I am going to over exert myself so I have cut physical activity out of my life while taking Vyvance. I am worried that if I increase my heart rate, I might have a heart attack or something.

Vision: I have noticed blurry vision if I stay awake after 12AM.

Mood: I am incredibly anti-social, intensely focused, moody, irratible, snap at people easily, but even weirder I have had the first suicidal thought of my life on Vyvance. I can honestly say I am a very happy person and never actually considered suicide, the first week I took Vyvance, I noticed myself conjuring these thoughts of my death and memorializing myself and what people would say at my funeral. THIS REALLY FREAKED ME OUT. I am constantly in a bad mood, but I am taking Vyvance so I can get my work done, which it is accomplishing amazingly.

Appetite: After switching to 30mgs which I currently take (and am on right now), I was happy to find the appetite suppressing qualities remained, which any 24 year old girl can appreciate. However, I found myself becoming aneorexic, (which really is defined as less than X calories per day), as I was probably consuming between 500-800. for example, I have not eaten lunch for the past 3 weeks and am finding that I don't enjoy food as much and am eating because i know I need the nutrition.

Based on the experience I have had, I am very concerned that children are prescribed this medicine. It does allow me to focus on my work, which it great, but the negative personality effects are dramatic and out of character. I went from being a happy cheery person to insanely focused on my work and unable to tear myself away from it, and being grumpy and unpleasant to be around. I notice that i don't want to talk to anyone.

IF YOU NOTICE IRRATIBILITY, ANGER, OUT-OF-CHARACTER BEHAVIOR PLEASE BE WARNED. I felt the same symptoms and if there are more similiarities with your child and my experience, I don't think children are capable of handling it. I think its good for adults though that can differentiate normal behavior and irration thoughts.

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I started on Vyvanse almost six months ago. I take 100mg every morning. Im 19 years old. I have noticed since I started taking the new medication that I have had more tendencies to want to drink alcohol more and even smoke (I hate smoking or the thought of it). Ive just been getting such strong cravings for the alcohol.

Ive also noticed that instead of being more social I have become less social and find it hard to even want to do the easiest things. I am very snappy at people... and I get angry quick. I find that the only time I seem to be happy and loving life is when Im at work, I feel like I never want to stop working.

Though Im still not focused enough in college since i have to be around people. I really can not tolerate people.. anything they do can set me off. This all started with the Vyvanse.

And of course the eating problems. Its so hard to remember to eat, and then when you do remember your already full with just a bite or two. Im starting to think I have a eating disorder because of how little I eat, or the only time I do really eat it after 10 pm when the meds start to wear off and I start to crave things... also found that ive been sleep eating..

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whoah.. i just switch from adderall xr 20mg to vyvanse 50mg.. i like the vyvanse so far, less anxiety with it, but anyways i had the same problem with the adderall.. i would drink so much alcohol, which is something you should not do if you take any type of psychiatric medications.  things you need to do on these stimulants is: wake up very Early every single day so you're tired by night fall so you can actually go to sleep, make sure you do Not eat 1-2 hours before or after taking the medications, drink plenty of Water throughout the whole day, rememeber to "Chill" when you feel too tense at times.. take a break by Sitting down or take a Walk, go to the Tanning bed.. anyways, if you smoke, the nicotine and caffiene can tend to overstimulate you if mixed with your meds, especially if you havent been sleeping well at night.. just some tips, ive been on stimulant meds since i was 15 y/o.. ill be 20 y/o in a month.
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I was put on Lexapro 4 years ago for anxiety.  While it helped with Anxiety, I gained nearly 70 pounds in one year.  I had always been fit and a healthy weight. Skyrocketing to a huge 210 was unbearable so I quite cold turkey.  I didn't experience and adverse effects from coming off Lexapro, but I've heard some do. I've since lost 30 of the 70 gained.  I'm 35 now and have just been diagnosed with ADD.  The doc has prescribed 30 Mg of Vyvance for the first week, will bring me up to 50mg the second week and if needed 70mg.  for those of you who have used Vyvance, do you think it will help me drop the remaining 40 pounds I gained with Lexapro?  Did you experience weight loss and how much?
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I can relate. But you may want to go back in and consult your psychiatrist. The reason I say this is b/c I too have ADHD but I also have Bipolar Disorder.

I was first diagnosed w/BPD in 2006, a yr later my mind kept racing and I knew something wasn't right. Went back in to my doc. What often happens, and this is proven thru research, is that someone w/a chemical inbalance disorder has a 60% higher chance at having another disorder. That being said, the symptoms of ADHD are very very very similiar to the manic symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Thus, it being easy to miss one or the other when diagnosing someone. It's really nearly impossible for a doc to diagnos ADHD and BPD at the same time for the reason that the symptoms of the mania of BPD and ADHD are similiar. It's just something that we really just figure out with time, when we experience diff symptoms that we hadn't experienced, or hadn't noticed we experienced b/c the two disorders mask each other, b/f.

Once I was diagnosed w/ADHD, the med's did help. I started out on a 30day trial of Vyvanse but at that time last yr, Vyvanse hadn't been approved in my state for adults so I was only ab le to get the 30day trial. It has since been approved for adult use.

So then I started on Adderall XR and was fine for awhile. Although I do like Vyvanse better and next month will be switching back to it. But the thing of it is, we all know med's that treat ADHD are stimulants. They differ slightly depending on the brand, but all in all they are usually stimulants. These stimulants, which ever they may be, are used to treat ADHD for the purpose that someone who has ADHD has imbalanced dopamine levels. Stimulants aid in the extracellular activity of dopamine in the brain. They balance dopamine levels.

When someone is on a stimulant and they have BPD, the stimulant can affect the moods, habits, etc. The primary reason when this happens is if someone who has ADHD and Bipolar goes through a manic episode (they are episodes b/c they are not constant--they can last for a day, a week, a year...it varies). A manic episode puts that person into a "high"...brain activity is higher than normal, rapid speaking, mind racing, excessive spending, sexually promiscuous, excessive consumption of things like cigarettes and alcohol. Especially alcohol...why alcohol...? Alcohol is a depressant and if someone is in a "high" state the brain subconsciously works to bring it back to balance. i.e. your brain/you subconsciously associates alcohol with bringing you down to a level state.

Trust me this is sooo true. I say this b/c I was at the exact same place b/f I was diagnosed w/Biploar. This is alot of info I know...but I am hoping it helps you. I was previously misdiagnosed 5 years ago w/sever depression when I in fact had Bipolar disorder. I was prescribed an antidepressant which alleviated the depression but excellerated the mania...i.e. the "high". At that point, on the antidepressants I drank excessively...way beyond my normal drinking habits. I too, as you say, CRAVED alcohol. Again, the brain's way of leveling out. Crazy how the brain works, right?

Once I was properly diagnosed in 2006, things changed. But the thing w/Bipolar Disorder is that although medication helps...it isn't a cure. Medication simply prolongs the time in b/w episodes. In other words, there will still be episodes...but they aren't so close together.

I am a smoker too and within the past 3 months I have been smoking WAY above what I normally had smoked. On avg I would go through a pack every two days. Now, I am going thru a pack sometimes more, per day. I was having other symptoms such as inability to concentrate and I thought...what they heck...what's going on. I attributed it to my ADHD and thought that I might not have been on the correct dosage. So I called my doc and he said that I was/am going thru a manic episode and he said that the Adderall XR more than likely is worsening that episode. So he recommended that I cut back for a few days (go down from 40 mg to 20 mg) and then possibly hold off on taking Adderall until I noticed that the mania subsided. He also recommended that I increase my Lamictal (bipolar med) by half a tablet. When I did what he said I started to notice the difference. The thing of it is..I did this for a wk and it improved...but I was so tired from going off the Adderall which is normal so I took an Adderall..only 20 mg today and oh my God...the same things happening. How much have I smoked today...ummm...a pack and counting.

Things like ADHD can be tricky. It's all abt self-monitoring. We begin to realize when we are at a level state, when we aren't at a level state and that is good b/c then we can adjust med's accordingly. But only by the recommendation of the doc.

I would definitely recommend you go see your doc. Two reasons: 1.) If you are taking too high of a dosage for your ADHD, the safe way to adjust it is by the recommendation of your doc. 2.) If it's possible that you might have Bipolar Disorder also, it's imperative to get a proper diagnosis. Don't get frustrated just be proactive. Trust me, it wasn't a day of partying for me when I found out I have ADHD in addition to BPD. But I have been able to cope and grow knowing that I am on the proper med's and knowing that my life can be somewhat "normal" which gives me hope.

Let me know what happens and how things go....

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Hey, sounds like you have a bit of a problem on your hands there! I've never heard of that medication before (prob cause I live in Australia) But, like ALL over stimulant medications for ADHD, if the dose is too high you will feel adverse affects like nervousness, disturbed sleep, weightloss. And, when your nervous you will do such things as smoking or drinking to calm you down. I feel that your dose is too high. That's why your doing all that stuff. nervousness is your body's way of telling you "too much!"

This stimulant medication increases the levels of dopamine in the brain ( this is a chemical that controls behavour, pleasure functions, impulse etc) A person with ADHD has no dopamine, hence why they cant control certain aspects of their behaivour. But when taken, ADHD meds raise the levels of dopamine, bringing the levels back to normal allowing control. If a person who didn't have ADHD took stimulants, they would go high as a kite, feeling relaxed etc etc.

But a ADHD brain, unlike a 'normal' brain, will always alert you of a dopamine overload. And here's the funny thing, and it might come of a shock but people with ADHD can't become addicted to smoking. Because the nicotine in smokes do EXACTLY the same as your stimulant meds. If you haven't taken your meds and you smoke, your dopamine levels will rise. But as your dopamine levels are already low, this will just create a normal chemical balance. People get addicted to smoking because it sets a new higher dopamine level in the brain, and they cant cope untill that new higher level is restored. It sounds crazy but, I have ADHD and did the whole smoking thing and honestly, I only did it cos i could but I would never crave it. Same with everyone i know who also has ADHD. If you crave cigarettes, and are finding the meds are causing you to be nervous then maybe you might not have ADHD?  

But just talk to your doctor about it, but try not to smoke because it just will be making the problem worse, (by that I mean giving you more dopamine, therefore causing you to become even MORE nervous.) Try to keep your mind busy, don't dwell on all the smoking and drinking. Easier said then done I know but it can be done! Good luck!
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Hi gemstone89,

Wow, I started thinking back to when I first started smoking and I believe you may be right abt the dopamine levels raising in the brain of someone w/ADHD,,,thus associating the cigarette with the brain level activity leveling out. I did quite smoke just a few wks after I started the ADHD med's and again your right, it seemed that I could do w/o the cigs.

I am back smoking as of December this past yr. I guess I really need to think abt cutting bk/quitting. Maybe that's why it seems that my symptoms have progressed.

Thanks for the info

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Hi Jane,
Ironically my name is Jane too.  I am taken by your comments. For the last 2 months I have been attending a rehab for drug abuse.  One of the drugs I abused was Adderal.  Since I have been off all meds, my add has come back full swing.  The side affect is I get so frustrated that I get severly depressed.  I also go into states where I am excited and kind of high feeling because something good happened but then crash into a depression equally as quick.  I stopped craving the drugs about a month ago but they want me to still attend because I keep getting so depressed.  I have had Drs queston if I have bp through the years.  If so I would call it rapid cycling.  I have been on Wellbutrin for years which does help with the depression some what.  I went to my dr and told her I was abusing adderal and she wants me to try Vyvanse.  This concerns me because I don't want to be given something that I will abuse like the Adderal but I desperately need help for the ADD.  I guess I am wondering, how do I know if I have ADD, BP, or both?  The last thing I want is a BP diagnosis and be put on something that makes me a Zombie and Fat....Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jane
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I also was searching weight gain and lexapro and stumbled onto this sight.  I thought I was nuts because my doctor said it would ABSOLUTELY not cause weight gain. I went on it (started at 10 and then went to 20 mg) because I am a constant worrier and I show signs of anxiety like restless etc, and I also have IBS and my dr informed me that that could ease my stomach some.  It did seem to help my stomach but I was often sooo tired and lethargic-and my brain felt foggy.  I also went from 158 pounds to 180 lbs. in 1 year! I think I feel worse off because of the weight gain (anxious, depressed).  So I quit it cold turkey---with no side effects 2 months ago---and my weight is still rising! I am so upset about this---I don't know what to do.  I eat the same and I am just as active as before when I was a size 8---now I'm a size 13-15.  Not sure what I should do about it!!! HELP
I actually think that I might have been missed diagnosed as having anxiety---and have ADHD.  I can be very hyper and not able to sit still, or lethargic and depressed the next hour?  I can over organize my stuff for hours because I can't sit still.  I work full time as a teacher and work a night part time job just so I am busy! I also wake up all hours of the night and my body is restless.  I am very forgetful and often will talk to someone and be lost in my thoughts and drift away and not hear a word. Does this sound like anyone's feelings?  What should I do about this? How does one get diagnosed.  I would appreciate anyones advice!

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From the Vyvance website:
• Maximum dose: 70 mg once daily in the morning (2)

YOU"RE TAKING TOO MUCH!!!!!! No wonder you're abusing alcohol and cigarettes. I am taking 50mg daily and at age 50, I have no negative side effects. Vyvance usually wears off at about 4pm. On the positive side, It actually opens my nasal passages and I can breath freely. My allergies have prevented this for years. I may have my daughter switched from Adderal XR
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My 20 year old son is coming out of an alcohol rehab in a week - and while there was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.  He was just prescribed Vyvance two days ago - and is feeling great relief from his racing thoughts.  My question - if Vyvance causes many folks to want to drink - is this drug a good idea for a recovering alcoholic?  Are there any other alternatives?  
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I spent my summer in rehab, partially for alcohol and also for behavioral problems marked by impulsivity and manic depressive tendencies... which were aided immensely when, before going to treatment, I had been diagnosed with ADHD, for which I now take 60 mg of vyvanse every morning and 15mg of amphetamine salts every afternoon.
To be completely honest, I do not think I would have been able to stay sober this long (today is 71 days!) if I had never started taking vyvanse, because I would never be able to keep my thoughts in order enough to resist temptations or drinking to relieve anxiety. It helps me refrain from acting on an impulse to drink and think about what I'm doing before I do it. I have not had any alcohol cravings whatsoever, though I have been smoking cigarettes in excess - however, I find that most people in recovery do so, to help with anxiety becuase smoking is very calming for me; it mirrors "deep breathing" in meditation

Whoever wrote that thing about people with ADHD being unable to get addicted to cigarettes - OHHH ! That explains it... I have been smoking for around 4 years now, and still have yet to experience any real nicotine cravings... I always thought something was special about me that made me immune to addiction hahaha, it was extremely perplexing.

TO d826 ;

Not to shut you down, but from what you said I do not believe you have ADHD... the diagnostics for ADHD break it down into either "inattentive" or "hyperactive" types.

taken straight out of the DSM-IV guidelines, to be considered ADHD you must have: a) exhibited 6 of the 9 inattentive symptoms for the past 6 months and to a point that is "disruptive" and "inappropriate for the developmental level"

Often does not give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, work, or other activities.

Often has trouble keeping attention on tasks or play activities.

Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly.

Often does not follow instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand instructions).

Often has trouble organizing activities.

Often avoids, dislikes, or doesn't want to do things that take a lot of mental effort for a long period of time (such as schoolwork or homework).

Often loses things needed for tasks and activities

Is often easily distracted.

Is often forgetful in daily activities.

b) exhibited 6 of the following symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity for over 6 months

Often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat.
Often gets up from seat when remaining in seat is expected.
Often runs about or climbs when and where it is not appropriate (adolescents or adults may feel very restless).
Often has trouble playing or enjoying leisure activities quietly.
Is often "on the go" or often acts as if "driven by a motor".
Often talks excessively.


Often blurts out answers before questions have been finished.
Often has trouble waiting one's turn.
Often interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g., butts into conversations or games).
Some symptoms that cause impairment were present before age 7 years.
Some impairment from the symptoms is present in two or more settings (e.g. at school/work and at home).
There must be clear evidence of significant impairment in social, school, or work functioning.

The symptoms do not happen only during the course of a Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Schizophrenia, or other Psychotic Disorder. The symptoms are not better accounted for by another mental disorder (e.g. Mood Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Dissociative Disorder, or a Personality Disorder).

if you could apply yourself to monotonous tasks such as organizing, and partake in two jobs (one of which involving instruction, grading the same homework 20 times, etc.) it seems unlikely that your problems are really ADHD-based. Also, the polarity of your "restless then lethargic" tendencies does not follow the tendencies for hyperactivity.
based on what you wrote, I'd say it's a lot more likely that your symptoms can be accuonted for by a general anxiety disorder or even bipolar... many people with anxiety disorders take measures like the ones you mentioned to release that anxiety through productivity (or "staying busy") yet find themselves unfocused or distractable because, at a deeper level, they are not involved in whatever is immediately around them - they are having anxiety over something else.
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I think I may have ADHD.  My mind races to and fro from moment to moment.  Over the last 6 months I have almost bought a taning salon, started a M. Ed. program which I dropped, wasted 1000+ bucks on internet businesses and registered for the LSAT.  I am laughing now because I think I may be a classic case of ADHD but had no idea.  I also haven't cleaned my house in years.  I have piles everywhere and the reason I don't clean is because I don't have the time to clean properly so I don't do it at all.  What kind of doctor do I go see?  I don't have a doctor, I always go to the in and out clinic.  I have insurace but it is an HMO and it is just easier to go to the clinic than find an in network doctor etc...  I feel like I should go today, and not waste another day of my life in this hyped up pinball machine.  My brain never stops, but I never complete anything.
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I'm a seventeen year old student, and I've suffered from ADD and ADHD my entire life,
but have just recently noticed it.
My psychiatrist started me off taking adderall,
and this helped me as far as school goes,
but I was depressed  all day, everyday.
then I started using vyvanse,
Before, there was absolutely no hope for me being a successful student.
I could try as hard as my little heart would allow me to, but I was a straight-C and F student.
it made me feel out of place, stupid, and alone.
I was depressed almost 100 % of the time,
and since my grades were bad, I was always grounded,
and because of this, I was very anti-social and awkward.
I began smoking due to all of the stress put upon me.
I smoked well over a pack a day and started having lung problems.
Shortly after my Junior year, I went to my psyciatrist and figured out the source of my problem.
He prescribed vyvanse to me and I have been doing amazing in school ever since.
I went from failing to making straight-A's in Advanced placement classes.
I've brought my GPA up tremendously, and have just recently been accepted to my dream college.
I'm no longer socially awkward, and I'm happy ALL the time.
Also, vyvanse releived my stress so much, that I quit smoking.

there are a few negative side-effects, like I'm almost never tired, I never eat, and I'm shaky sometimes.
but all in all the positive side effects outweigh the negative.
I'm stoked about the huge toll that vyvanse has taken on my life, and I'll never get off of it.
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I am 19 years old and have been talking ADHD and ADD medications since I was about 7 years old. After my parents seeing the side effects they took me off, and put me on a non stimulant. I am almost done my second year of nursing school, and about two months ago I became prescibed to vyvanse 50 mg. The prior three months I had been prescibed to kolonopins (anti- anxiety) and celexa for slight depression. When I first started taking vyvanse, I literally felt so high, like I was on cocaine. It was great, I felt high, even more sociable which I couldnt shut up, but I stil payed attention. I seem to be getting my work done. However some of the negative effects I have are excessive cigarette smoking, the "NEED!" for redbull/anything with caffeine. I feel that im obsessive compulsive, for example, I have been home studying since 12:00 this afternoon and have not moved once from this chair, nor have I eaten anything. If Im not doin homework, the slightest thing with keep me concentrated for hours on end. I cant multi-task as much as I used to, because I do not let anything distract me. I've always had an issue with flipping out at close ones for things. SInce Ive been on this medication, when I get mad, its like a monster comes out of me and I dont have any control of what Im saying. I find that after about maximum of 6 hours, I start to come down from it and I want more, or Im very on edge. I like how I concentrate more, but I feel like im a zombie, I havent even seen my friends at all because im always on this damn computer, and I get moodswings where Im sad or depressed. I never ever used to be home, Im a social light, i hang out with everybody, Now I ignore my phone, my e-mails, texts, etc. Because I cannot lose focus. Its like Im MIA. It's crazy how a drug can have that type of effect on a person, and change who you are, so its something that should be used very carefully. Especially for those with drug/alcohol addictions, and also young children. Loss of appetite is a huge problem with this drug. In the last week, I probably had an apple, a slice of pizza, and i make myself eat smothie/protein shakes in the morning. Thats about it.
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Just a thought for those who are interested in their future in regards to
attention and day to day function.  Do some research on the topic of
"neurofeedback." For example, Dr. Joel Lubar at University of Tennessee has
treated ADD/ADHD with neurofeedback for over 20 years.  This approach helps the brain re-train itself and the result is no medicine
needed.  Research the topic---check out your area for qualified providers.  Neurofeedback also helps with depression, anxiety and a host of other problems.  A great book to read is "Symphony in the Brain"
(Robbins) for a balanced approach to the subject.
(I think Dr. Lubar has now retired, however, the program is still in operation)
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i take vyvance and adderal to help me be more alert and motivated during the day, and I in the beginning had the side effect where i craved to smoke more and what not as well, but I was also consuming coffee and caffinated beverages as well along with the medication, such as just plain cola! Any of those drinks can increase the effect of u having side effects of these medications! You have to be very careful of you diet while one these medications. Ask your doctor more about it. And always make sure your eating enough even if you dont feel hungry cause that was one of my biggest side effect was lose of appetite and I just ignored it for a long time until I realized that I lost way to much weight! All this can be a harm to your heart in the long run.
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Maybe you should try a lower dose how did you even get prescribed that much the highest mg for vyvanse is 70mg so that does seem high did the doctor prescribe that much? If so he needs to do some research
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My dr. perscribed me Vyvase just this week.  I am on a 30mg dose.  He told me not to drink because it can cause liver failure.  I have been a heavy drinker for the last couple of years.  The one thing that I have noticed since I started taking it, is my lack of desire to have a drink.  In fact I am not jittery or nervous. My mind feels so much more clear that it has in a long time.  I have lost the desire to eat, but that is ok for right now.  I can stand to lose 20lbs.  I am thinking my dosage it just right for me (for right now).  Anyone else lose their desire to drink?
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