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How can I get help for my adult (possible) ADD?

Hi there,

I am a little frustrated - I've been trying to get some help for what I suspect is adult ADD, and I keep on hitting dead ends. I've asked my regular doctor, a psychiatrist, and a few more people in the mental health field (a counsellor and a social worker) and never seem to get an answer on what to do. Because I am also depressed, there was often the response of "let's fix your depression first, and worry about that later". I was once directed towards the ADHD clinic of Toronto, (in Ontario, Canada) but that seems to cost some considerable money to get help there. Since I do have attention problems I often forget/have trouble following up with more in depth investigations, and stop trying to get in touch if no one emails/phones me back. I know this is my own fault, but because this is part of the attention problem I don't know how to correct this.

Is it not possible to get help/get assessed as an adult with ADD without having the monetary funds? Or should I just give up the chase? I keep on hearing of those who've managed to get diagnosed as an adult, so I expected it to be an easier task than it has turned out to be.

Any hints or guidance would be appreciated, thank you :)
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Your depression could be caused by ADHD.  So helping that will help your depression.  You probably need to keep searching for a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD.

I would be glad to send you links to any specific questions you might have.
Hi there, I hadn't checked with this post in a while! Since then I have been diagnosed with ADD by a psychology clinic here in Toronto. Additionally a learning disorder in math, which is interesting yet not surprising. This has been very validating and a relief to know - however, I still feel a bit lost in terms of what to do next. The suggested I find a counselor or an ADD coach (unfortunately the latter in pretty expensive ) and perhaps try an ADD medication.  

You were right that some of my depression comes from the ADD symptoms - I am hoping to find some solutions that help with this.

Do you have any suggestions on the first step I should take to limit this disorders affect on my life?  Would a therapist who knows about ADD or an ADD coach be useful?

Thanks for replying!
Wow, you came back!   Most of my posters seem to forget they ever were on this site once I gave them a few links.  So thank you for remembering us.  On the other hand, this would also indicate your frustration level.

There is so much information out there (which I have) its really difficult to know where to start.

So lets start with this, "perhaps try an ADD medication."  That is a great starting point because it almost always does make a difference!  But, you can't do that unless you have an official diagnosis and who is going to monitor you on the medication?  It really is trial and error.  You start off low and slowly increase.  But, you need to know what to expect, etc. (which I can help with).  I am not sure how the medical insurance system in Canada works.  But I would think that if you have an official diagnosis from the psychology clinic, you should be covered for follow up medical treatment?   They should be able to refer you to a doctor that can prescribe medication.  But it they cannot,  here is a link to adhd doctors, camps, coaches in Ontario (because it looks like you are in that area). ....  http://directory.additudemag.com/listing/results.php?location_1=3&location_3=515&orderby=popular

Next, here are a few specific links that might help you.
  I like this one because it nicely explains what you may have been going through.

   This is a good overall link to adult adhd....  https://www.additudemag.com/adhd-in-adults-nervous-system/

   finally the last two links are to two very good sites that post on adult adhd/add.  They have a ton of info and (warning) it is almost overwhelming.  But, it is really presented in a very interesting way (lots of videos).

Take some time to look at this stuff.  Always feel free to get back to me for more specific information, as this is kind of a grab bag of info.  Best wishes and keep in touch!

Hi, this just popped up on a site and it looks like it might be very helpful for you.

Hope this might be helpful!
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