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How do I deal with med problems?

My doctor and I have been trying to get me on an effective medication for my ADHD. I had been on Adderal before and it worked great, this time it made my heart race and thud and gave me chest pains. Now I'm on Daytrana (the methylphenidate patch), it only works a little bit on the lowest dose (10mg), we bumped it up to 20 that made my heart go all funky so we tried 15 and I just felt sick (all this in the span of a weekend, with my doctors permission of course). I can't feel sick forever on this, I've already lost a ton of weight. Does that side effect ever go away? Do they get better? I'm so fed up with failing school and having my life be a mess. I would just like to hear anybody's experiences and hope if you have it. I feel alone in this, like I'm always going to be fighting an uphill battle trying to be OK. If you have any help I'd really appreciate it.

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     There are some natural ways to support the existing treatment you are doing. The first and most important thing is to add Essential Fatty Acids to your diet. Most studies conducted on the affects of essential fatty acids found that at least 10 weeks of supplementation is needed to adequately raised fatty acid levels in brain cells. Follow a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids for at least 10 weeks, and preferably 12 weeks, before judging the effectiveness of nutrition on Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD symptoms.

Important points about flax oil:

    * Flax oil is highly perishable and should be kept refrigerated at all time.
    * Heat destroys the health-giving flax oil properties. Use flax oil only with cold foods, preferably cold proteins.
    * When buying flax oil, use only high quality, cold-pressed flax oil. The date pressed and a freshness date of four months or less from the pressed date should be on the label. If not, don't buy it!
    * Do not use flax seed oil beyond its expiration date since the oil will turn rancid.

Essential fatty acids are not the only element needed when addressing Attention Deficit Disorder ADHD nutrition. Amino acids, from which protein is made, are an integral element since amino acids and essential fatty acids are both needed to work in the body. Therefore, adding quality protein is a key in Attention Deficit Disorder nutrition.

Attention Deficit and hyperactive people can greatly reduce the level of unfocused or misdirected energy simply by starting the day with a protein based breakfast. A solid protein breakfast can increase concentration, reduce restlessness and increase mental and physical calm.

Instead of starting the day with sugared cereals, pancakes covered in syrup, sweet rolls, doughnuts or danishes, try these brain-boosting breakfast ideas;

    * Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit.
    * Whole wheat toast with peanut butter.
    * Fruit and yogurt smoothie with flax oil.
    * Protein shake.
    * Bacon and eggs with toast and milk.
    * Egg and sausage patty on English muffin.
    * Yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of flax oil.
I hope the above will help and keep me updated if it does or doesn't work.
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