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How do i Explain to my family?

Hi my name is Chance i have ADHD with a uncontrollable violent impulse  and up until the 6th grade i didn't know i had it but the day i found out was the day i got put on medication for it and everyday since then i've been researching ADHD because i want to go off the medication and learn how to control it without it and i really want to try the other way and come up with a game plan with my family and doctor to control without medication and i've been  waiting and researching for 8 years now i'm 19 years old and my family still thinks i need to be on the medication they keep saying that if i get taking off it my grades will drop and i will lose control and all that stuff and i've overcame a lot but adhd is the one thing i haven't done. but i don't know how to tell them that this is what i want to do
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     It is wonderful that you do want to keep your family informed as to what is going on.  However, you are now 19 and not even your doctor can tell them what you decide to do or not do.
    My advice would be to tell them that you want to see what is the minimum amount of medication that you can take and still be an effective learner.
You may find out that you need the meds only during certain classes or times of the day.  In other words, you would want to try an instant acting (not a time release) medication - so that you have choices.  Many adults with adhd use this approach.  However, most of them are out of school and the concentration requirements of school.  
   Of course there are things that you can do to help yourself lower the med doses.   Things like a high protein breakfast, strenuous exercise, a good nights sleep all are proven measures.
     There are other good ideas at this link - http://www.additudemag.com/resource-center/adhd-college-success.html
    And this adult ADD site also has some good advice - http://jeffsaddmind.com/advice-for-the-adult-and-not-so-adult-adhder-12385.htm
     And yes, you do need a game plan.  ADHD is a "for life thing".  It's not just something that will go away some day.   Learning to  live and deal with it is what it is all about.
    Please post if you need any more info.   Good Luck!
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     You mention in your post that you have "uncontrollable violent impulse(s)". I am not a doctor but I do have a master's degree in psychology, as well as a history of the same symptoms. Other members of my family have these symptoms, as well. What you are describing sounds similar to a disorder separate from ADHD that I studied in my post-graduate classes called Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED).
   The Mayo Clinic (2016) describes IED as "repeated, sudden episodes of impulsive, aggressive, violent behavior or angry verbal outbursts in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation." Examples are: "Road rage, domestic abuse, throwing or breaking objects, or other temper tantrums may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder," (Mayo Clinic, 2016). In my personal experience, I have seen IED present as these same symptoms and others, such as cursing, name-calling, and other verbal abuse.
   Intermittent Explosive Disorder is devastating to the person who experiences the symptoms and the people who are witness, or worse, the target of this disorder. Here is the good news: This disorder can be treated without medication, in some cases, with a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapy. You might ask your doctor to assess you for IED and, if you do have this disorder, there is the possibility that you could, with appropriate therapy, eventually eliminate the need for medication or, at least decrease the dosage or be placed on a medication specific to this disorder.
   Here is the link to the Mayo Clinic site for more information on this disorder:

Best wishes,
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